Try our hand at a Green Thumb

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Have you ever heard of people who have a “Green Thumb”?

That means they are good when it comes to plants, gardens, those types of things.

That bypassed me so bad…

I’ve killed Cactus… I’ve killed Bamboo, anything “easy” to keep alive… yeah I wasn’t born to keep it alive apparently.  That’s why in high school Ag classes and in college classes for my Ag degree I stayed more with the animals.  I can keep them alive 🙂

Well, last year PC (then my fiance PC) and I wanted to plant a garden, but with trying to plan a wedding and buying our first house and getting it ready to move into and everything, we just didn’t have enough time.  In fact, we have a cherry tree that we lost a lot of cherries to the birds :(… and apple trees that rotted toward the end and pear trees that toward the end got away from us.  Those latter two ripened about the time we got married/went on our honeymoon.

But this year, we’re bound and determined to not only have those fruit trees, but we’ve gone an extra step and planted a garden… WISH. US. LUCK.

Next up… learning to can everything we grow, provided we don’t kill it first. haha!

We got a canner as a wedding present and over the weekend bought all the small supplies needed (ie the jar picker upper thingy, the magnetic lid picker-upper, the funnel… like my technical terms??)  Now once we start reaping our benefits… if we do… We’ll get to spend a lot of time with my grandma learning how to can it all.  I’m super excited!

btw… if you have an iPhone or an iPod with a camera… Oh My Gosh, you need to get the app Instagram… that’s how all the first photos were taken (well you can tell which ones).  It’s so much fun and addicting.  While the husband was tilling, I was shooting photos… LOL.

And one more word of advice… Wear Sunscreen!

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  1. I want a garden too except i dont think it would survive with the stupid stray cats and dog next door…and my ground is more clay like in the backyard but i would love to have a garden…someday!

  2. Good luck! I am a terrible gardener, but a very good neighbor . And that works for mr , the gall down the road has a market garden, and because I help with her cattle and horses, ashe gives me all the free veggies I cn handle !

  3. You certainly bit off a HUGE chunk of ground. Maybe start small…but then it's too late for that. :O) I could grow things in Idaho, but I'm death to all vegetation in the hubs of hell (AZ.) I can't wait to see the little green sprouts. You might want a fence and netting to keep out dogs, birds, etc., etc. What watering system are you going with?

  4. So fun! I would love to have a garden someday, but since we rent, it's not possible. All I'm hoping to do this year is plant some flowers!

  5. I love the retro photo effects! 😀 We're mixing it up, too, this year. Besides containers I am going to try growing in a raised bed… we'll see how it goes. We need to 'till up the yard where we're going to be the beds… I sure I hope I don't regret this…

    Oh yeah… LOVE the technical terms, too. LOL!!
    Stef at

  6. I'm jealous of that good soil! We need to get our garden in, we just haven't had a chance. My brother has my parents' tiller, so we're waiting on that.

  7. I don't actually like to garden, but I want a garden. Haha. I want blueberry bushes right now. I'm dying for them!

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