My love for you is endless!!!

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There are many reasons why I love you, here are a few.
50.) You are beautiful.
49.) You are mine.
48.) You love me.
47.) When you smile, I melt.
46.) The way you touch me.
45.) The way you look at me.
44.) You promised me forever.
43.) You put up with me. 😉
42.) You make me feel good about myself.
41.) You inspire me to be great.
40.) You continue to love me even when I am sometimes a butthead. ( happens often)
39.) You are so BEAUTIFUL!!!
38.) You are very classy!
37.) Did I mention yet that you love me???!!!
36.) You care about other people.
35.) Family is very important to you.
34.) You are sweet to Tbug.
33.) You deal with my past.
32.) You are a great wife.
31.) You take care of me.
30.) You worry about me.
29.) You are funny.
28.) You love the Christmas season.
27.) You love our dogs. (kids)
26.) You are a great cook.
25.) You like to try new things.
24.) You love to travel.
23.) You love horses.
22.) You love the outdoors. (When it’s warm) 😉
21.) You are cheap not easy!!
20.) You encourage me to go to school and get a better education.
19.) You were there for me when my grandma passed away even though we had just barely started dating.
18.) I just love you.
17.) You are the best commercial fast forwarder there is.
16.) You care very much about other people.
15.) You have the most wonderful parents.
14.) You have a HUGE heart.
13.) You blogged our story.
12.) You are a great writer.
11.) You are a great listener.
10.) You make me laugh.
9.) You are very very very smart.
8.) You call me husband.
7.) You know that you can call me anything you want as long as you call me yours.
6.) You made my Christmas list up for me when I didn’t even know what I wanted.
5.) Golden RINGS…… haha had to do that. (You Love me)
4.) You have made our house a home.
3.) You tell me you love me.
2.) You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
1.) And most importantly, I love you because that’s who I am. I am the man put here to love you.

Baby, I love you with all my heart!!

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