What Annoys You?

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We had a meeting with the preacher last night. This was our second meeting and basically our last. We have one more but it is to just discuss the details of how the wedding will run and in what order. It’s the week before the wedding week. Not a big deal.

We’ve had a bumpy ride throughout all of this but it’s all worked out in the end and that’s what really matters.

Our first meeting with the minister he had us take a “test” although he said it wasn’t called a test, it was just a survey, but when you fill out your answers on a scantron sheet, I’m thinking Test all the way! Anyway based off how each of us answered the questions, he uses it as a tool to see where we might need counseling before marriage.

The closer to 0% both answers got you, the better. We had a couple columns that were all the way at 0%. In fact he said out of his counseling there has only been one other couple in the recent past that has scored as well on this as we did. I should have kept that paper for our scrapbook but I left it there 🙁

There were a few areas that he just asked us a few questions on but my favorite was:

Preacher: Ok I’m going to ask you this one and I think you both might be able to answer for the other.
We both look at each other with, um… ok looks.
P: who wants to go first?
I pointed at PC, he pointed at me.
P: Ok What annoys you the most about Nicole. What is something she does that absolutely annoys you?
PC: Nothing really…
P: So nothing she does even gets on your nerves?
I grin…
PC: Ok I guess the fact that I have a backseat driver.
P: Oh I know that all to well.
me: Yeah well when he’s driving down the road looking out the window and a car is stopping in front of us and he isn’t paying attn I can’t help myself.
PC: I have it under control.
me: I’ve even volunteered to jump in the backseat if need be.
P: Oh so add insult to injury
we all grinned and got a good laugh out of that.

P: Nicole What bugs you about ?
I grinned and looked at PC
PC: The fact that I don’t always remember to put the toilet seat down.
We all crack up laughing.
P: Well yeah I learned at an early age to do that from a woman at church but I’ve heard many counseling sessions where the woman says she goes in in the middle of the night and doesn’t see it and falls in.
I shutter!
Me: No it isn’t so much that, it just looks gross in my opinion. I always watch for it. He knows he’s in trouble when I GRRRRRRR! at him.
PC: She is phobic of the germs
me: That’s not it, it looks gross!
We all laugh again.
Me: The fact that when I get tired, I get cranky and just try to get everything done so I can go to bed and that’s apparently when he wants a hug or to slow down my pace.
PC: I can’t help it, I get Lovey Dovey when I’m tired, and she just gets cranky.
me: Yup, I just want to go to sleep.
We all laughed again

Then there were more serious type questions that he asked us, but really I think he only addressed maybe 5 questions. I think we wound up taking close to 40-50. The hardest part that PC and I had filling out that survey was it was either agree, disagree or uncertain. Sometimes that isn’t always an option when you are thinking about questions.

Anyway it looks like he’s going to let us get married :). Whew I was sweating that. haha j/k.

This weekend the guys are getting measured for tuxes, we are meeting my great aunt at the church to see what all the church has for decorations (she’s in charge, how cool is that), next week we are talking to our reception place to finalize details. We’ve been in contact with the caterer. Slowly but surely getting RSVP responses to the wedding. It’s all coming along, and I still have all my hair in tact!

Speaking of hair, I have a lot of it and need to start deciding what I want to do with it.

Peace, Love & Annoying people 🙂

7 thoughts on “What Annoys You?

  1. Funny you should ask! Right now I'm just upset because I am trying to start blog carnivals and having less success because I don't have a huge fan base like all these other blogs. Makes me feel inadequate. And I know it's sad and I cannot base my feelings off something as trite as this, but it's true. I don't have big fancy giveaways or make jewelery or any of that stuff. So maybe that makes me less worthy of multiple followers? If so I think that's total crap. UGH. Anyway, vent done.

  2. I definitely want to do something like that before I get married. It sounds like you have learned a lot through the 'bumpy' experience. Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. 27, so old, ha ha, I have almost exactly 30 years on you as my 57th is next week.

    Marriage is tough, it's good to have a preacher you know you can go to if you need him. I'm glad he cared enough to ask you some questions.

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