One Year Ago…XV

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As with any “outing” at my house, when family (or friends but mostly family) comes over, it’s a huge ordeal. Everything has to be in the perfect place and usually it gets put off until the last minute and a lot of times left for me to do. This Sunday was like every other, except this time my mom came up “sick” and couldn’t help. My dad he was busy outside so it was all left up to me. I was frustrated beyond belief. My mom woke me up at 7:30 am to clean the house and get it ready. Wait, I thought this was supposed to be for my birthday… and I’m the one who has to do everything. (yup, I should be used to this by now.) So I spent all morning cleaning, doing dishes and cooking food.

Then my day got better, about 12noon I got a phone call, it was him. He was just around the corner of my house and needed to know exact directions. I was also nervous because he was meeting my parents today also. That’s when it happened, my mom stormed off into the bedroom mad at me and slammed the door shut. I was (and still am) confused about what I did to cause that reaction. My dad walked in the house and asked where my mom went. I told him what little of the story I knew that had happened and he said, okay and went on about his business.

Then he pulled in my driveway. So I was torn, do I make him walk up to the house? Do I stand on the back deck and talk to him? Do I greet him at his car? I went for choice b, stand on the deck and talk to him. He walked up and I took him in the house. My dad was getting ready to walk out so I did a quick introduction and then we went into the kitchen. I had some things in the oven cooking and the timer was getting close to going off.

He asked where my mom was and I told him she was sick and went into her bedroom. I wasn’t sure if she’d be out or not.

Once the timer went off on the oven I pulled whatever was in there out. He asked what the plans were after that. I said I didn’t have any so we decided to get in his car and go for a short drive. I was actually starving, I skipped breakfast and lunch so we went to Sonic and he bought me a Cherry Limeade and cheddar peppers. mmmm! Then we went driving around for a bit until I looked at the clock and realized that I really should get back to the house.

We pulled into the driveway and parked and went upstairs. As I opened the back door to go in the house I heard my mom’s bedroom door slam shut again. Okay so she went back in her room. Awesome.

I wasn’t sure when he planned on going home. I knew he had to get back home and when I say home I meant the 7 1/2 hour trek back to Kentucky. He never left and he never left. So finally I said, “I’m not sure when you are planning on going home, but if you’d like to stay for dinner, you are more than welcome to.”
-I hadn’t decided when I was going back.
-Well I just wanted you to know you are welcome. You might even get to meet my mother. But you’ll also meet my grandparents and my uncle and whoever else decides to show up. At this point I’m not even sure.

30 minutes to an hour later my grandparents and my uncle showed up. I did all the introductions of him with my family. About that time my dad came in from doing chores and ran to his room to take a quick shower and change clothes. He came out and threw the brats on the grill. Once all the food was ready to go he asked me if I’d spoken to my mother. I told him last I knew she was asleep in on their bed so he told me to go in and ask if she was planning on eating with us or not.

I had to wake her up which made her grouchy and she told me no. So I went back out and told dad. He said okay, I guess lets eat so I moved all the food onto the table and had everyone come in to the table and we ate.

They went home somewhere around 7:30 to 8 and he was still there. My dad had to run the tractor back to my grandparents and get his truck. My dog loves to run with the tractor so he told me to keep Morelli at the house. I brought Morelli into the back door just so he wouldn’t be tempted to follow the tractor. About that time my mom walked out of the bedroom, gave me an evil mom look and walked back into her room and slammed the door again. A few minutes later I got a text asking my my “filthy” dog was in the house. I sent her one back telling her and I got another one that said to Get him out of the house. haha I was getting yelled at through text and was a little embarrassed.

Finally he said he should get going so I walked out to his car with him to say good bye. I asked him how it went and he said it was great. My family was great, my dad and uncle were hilarious, he just wished that he could have met my mom. I shrugged and said I was sorry, maybe another time. We stood outside talking for probably an hour to an hour and a half. I felt so bad because I knew he had to make that trip. He told me he’d go back in the morning, wake up early and drive. That way he wasn’t tired on the way home. Said he’d just go back to his mom’s and crash for the night. Made me feel a little better but I still felt bad that he had to do that.

I gave him a hug that night as he got ready to leave and I didn’t want to turn him loose. Something was different. It was a scary but good different. Silly me even became a girl and cried, not sobbing cry but just a few tears because I didn’t want this boy to leave. I’d had to much fun with him that weekend. More fun than I’d had in a LONG time.

He finally left and I walked into the house. I asked my dad what he thought of him and my dad said he was a very nice young man. I grinned and headed up to my room to wait for him to call and say he’d made it to his mom’s house. Then I jumped in the shower and went to bed with a smile on my face.


Now no one really cares for Monday mornings, me particularly. I’m really not a morning person anyway. I love to sleep and my co-workers joke that I don’t wake up until around 10am. I woke up before my alarm went off this morning though, with a huge grin on my face. At about 7 I got a phone call from him.

-Good Morning Beautiful, how did you sleep?
-Good morning, really well. How about you?
-Not bad. I had a great time this weekend.
-Yeah me too! So where are you?
-On 60 just outside of Springfield.
-I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you out so late.
-Why I’m not, I could have left anytime I wanted, but I got the chance to meet your family, I wasn’t about to give that chance up!
-They were on their best game last night too.
-Your grandpa told me I must be a good man.
-Yeah he told me that too, said he could tell a lot about a man by their handshake. You passed the test.
-I guess so.
-Well I better get off of here, I need to get my hair fixed so I can be to work on time.
-Ok have a wonderful morning and day. I’m sure I’ll talk to you later on.
-Um… hello, you better, I better get something letting me know you made it home.
-Don’t worry, you will. bye

I then went on to fix my hair and get dressed for work all while smiling on a Monday morning. My mom hollered at me and said she was riding to work with me (my parents and I all work for the same company). Sometimes that makes me grumble because 1. I like my alone time and 2. I hate feeling like a little kid who has to drive with their parents because they have a learner’s permit. I know I have issues… LOL. I didn’t even grumble that morning though. I was in too good of a mood.

Yeah I shouldn’t have spoken to soon. On the drive to work my mom got me upset. She hit me up about the fact that he had a daughter and that the ex-wife would always think she came first. If he started doing good, she’d take him back for more money. If he got a new car, she’d take him back for more money because she needed a new car. On and on and on. It dawned on me right then, my mom wasn’t “sick”, she just didn’t want to meet him and that was a good excuse.

This was all coming from the person who wanted me to move on, date other people, 5 1/2 years was too long to spend on someone who wasn’t going to make more of a commitment. She and I have had our little squables all through life about stuff like this. I know she only wants whats best for me but this guy was different. Besides, maybe we’d be doing better because of ME and MY job and the ex can’t come after MY money.

Just when I think things are getting better, they always go another direction. But he and I weren’t even dating, we had been on a few dates, we’d hung out together but that didn’t mean we were getting married tomorrow. sheesh!

🙂 To be continued……

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  1. I'm a mom and have had worries like that. We all want the very best for our kids, especially our precious little girls. I could see why she would be concerned; ex's can be nasty.

    Then there's that period in us older women's lives that we aren't quite up to our good, kind selves (40 something to 50 something). Personally, I blame that all on the hot-flashes causing sleep deprivation. But we grow out of it an become sweet old ladies, eventually (after another 10 or so years of recuperating).

    The native's used to call the time, after all those hard times, the 'wise woman' years. At my age I'm beginning to see why. I like being older now. I always try to help young women understand that this challenging time is coming to them but that it will pass and be good after.

    Us women of all ages, need to be patient with each other. Every age has it's trials and tribulations when you're a female. I think you're a really sweet young woman and wish all your dreams come true.

  2. Yes and we've had our fair share of dealings with the ex too. That's why they are the ex and not the current. the 2 just don't jive.

  3. ahh glad the first meeting went well! Too bad your mom put a damper on it.. I have a feeling it all works out though, huh?

  4. Hi Nicole!

    Great post Im still anxious to read on!!

    I was trying to reply to a comment that you left me on my blog but you don't have a reply e-mail address attached to your dashboard but I just wanted to comment on what you commented today…I FEEL YOUR PAIN (about ex's that is). xo

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