Here Comes the Bride

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So my friend Doti is getting married next month. We’ve agreed this is our year! Saturday she had a bridal shower and I was invited and attended :). Prince Charming and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get her bridal shower present but also I did a side present too. One of my favorite things to do is a Marriage Survival Kit. (Ok so technically I’ve only done this one other time but it was such a great hit the first time, I had to do it again.) And so far it has come from the girl that isn’t married… but whatever 🙂 that’s going to be over this fall :). Really, the best place to get the stuff for this “Marriage Survival Kit” is the everything’s a dollar store. They have fun things and use your imagination and be creative.

Pail with Shovel – To fill in any holes you may dig yourselves in to.

Paperclip – To hold your life together

Toothpick – To remember to pick out the best in each other.

A Penny – So you are never broke.
Band-Aid – To heal wounds during the marriage.
Rubber band – to remember to remain flexible.
Toilet Paper – Clean up life’s little messes.
Unlabeled Can – May your life be full of mystery & excitement.
Nail Clippers – Clip away the bad and always keep the good!
Razor – May your relationship always stay sharp.
Screwdriver – is to fix all of life’s problems.
Eye drops – because love is blind and marriage is an eye opener.
Water gun (I actually forgot to put anything for this one… it was a new addition from my original Marriage survival kit, it just looked like fun)
Candle – To keep your love burning Bright.

I forgot to take a photo of it once it was all put together, so you can sort of see it in Doti’s lap here. She had already started to dig in once I realized I didn’t have a photo of it.

My mom ties the best bows so we just put it all in the pail, put some pretty cellophane on it and tied it up with a bow. As they pull the items out they read what it goes with. I always thought it was a corny idea but so far everyone has liked it, including me :). Here were some other items I used on the first one that I didn’t come up with for this one:Salt – remember to take life with a grain of salt.
Tub (which I can’t remember for the life of me what this was) – A key to an organized life together.

Then when I was getting the stuff for this one I saw key and thought it’d be a cute idea to add a key. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and they have cute wedding things, a Wisk, a Bottle Opener, little tea spoon, etc that are wedding based. One was a Key bottle opener with a cute marriage saying on it. I forgot I bought that for this so I just wrapped it up in the regular present I bought her. Hey its all good 🙂


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