No More Procrastinating….

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So as you’ve seen in previous posts, I’m engaged and planning a wedding. Plans are coming together fairly well, but my biggest fear, finding “the” dress. Unfortunately, like most women, I wish I could drop some weight, or think I’m fat, ugly, etc… it’s a curse!!! So I have dreaded going wedding dress shopping. We’d go out on weekends and my mom would say, let’s go here and try on dresses, I always came up with an excuse because really it was just usually me and her. I wanted the experience with lots of people, I guess or so I told myself. Plus she’d also promised that we’d go to Dallas area and go with my aunt, etc plus my matron of honor lives in Dallas. We finally picked this weekend to head that way. April drove over to our first stop in Grapevine Mills, TX, Aunt Connie drove over from Ft. Worth where she was with Brad at a horse show and mom, Evelyn (my bridesmaid), and I headed down from Missouri.

On the Road Again!
(yes that Willie Nelson song has been playing in my head all weekend, I just got home from Kentucky last weekend….)

We left straight from Work Friday, went and got a rental car, picked Evelyn up, and headed to my aunt’s house in Southern Oklahoma. The 3 of us stayed the night there and then got up Saturday and drove on into Grapevine Mills. On our way into the area, we saw this HUGE pack of Motorcycle guys!!

I think there were more than you can even see here!

When we walked into the Mall there the first restaurant we passed was the Rainforest Cafe.

Evelyn wanted me to act like I was kissing it…

This was the first store we went into. They had a large selection of dresses and it was a buy off the rack store. I swear I tried on 20-25 dresses in this store. I’d just get one-off and my mom & aunt would bring 3 more. I lucked out having April and Evelyn with me because they helped get me in and out of dresses. Although Evelyn was mad at the panties I wore… Yes, they were Victoria’s Secret, but they said Bite Me all over them. She said I needed to wear sexy underwear so that I would have a good feeling going into this dress shopping instead of the attitude I had. haha! Later in the day, we went to a VS and got different, Pretty panties… LOL… ok I’ll quit talking about panties, for now. 🙂

This is so how I felt! This was Evelyn’s idea!!

and being the sunglasses queen, we did them in my wedding colors, me in white, them in teal 🙂

Then we headed over to Silverlake Texas to another wedding dress store and somehow got lost and wound up driving through a very nice suburb. Mom & Evelyn were leading the pack (with KS plates), my aunt was up next (with Oklahoma plates) followed by April and me bringing up the rear with Missouri plates… all driving around lost in Texas. Yes, I find it comical 🙂

Then after we ate lunch we went to this Bridal store in Southlake.

Again, no luck :(. I tried on about 5 dresses at this store.

By the time we got here (now in Lewisville):

I was shot. I was tired of trying on dresses that didn’t look right or I didn’t like or nothing impressing me or just dresses not “The” dress… But this lady here:

Was absolutely PERFECT!!! So nice, so helpful and she wanted to help. That was the best part. And actually, I tried on a few dresses but nothing spoke to me so she said, we have 640 different styles of dresses here, if we can’t find you something, it isn’t because we didn’t try. She was so excellent and so helpful and with her help and all my family, I found “The” Dress.

I now own my wedding dress and I feel beautiful! I so can’t wait to show everyone, especially my fiance… only 145 days to go! (This is April and me)

So April parted us here and went home to her husband, and Mom, Evelyn & I went to celebrate at:

And the server asked why we were there, of course, we told him we were celebrating so he brought out this… a celebratory cupcake!

We also had the server take a photo of Evelyn and me, you can tell he is used to a point and shoot vs my dSLR… he couldn’t understand why you could see us on the screen. I was like looking through the peephole… then he didn’t hold still and of course, it blurred 🙁 Oh well!

We Wore Evelyn out…. (this was the way home)

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