Current Thoughts

Have I ever told you that I sing Christmas songs year round?  Well, it’s true.  I’m sitting here in an air conditioned house, while it is 91 degrees outside and supposedly feels closer to 100 and yet I’m sitting in here, in the house, singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas in my head.  Am […]

Hubby’s Smoked Beans

If there’s one thing my husband likes to do, it’s using his smoker.  When we first started dating I heard all about it, and I still do.  Not complaining because he’s good at it!  Just saying, that’s one of his specialties.  Sadly, one of his favorite things to make is smoked beans.  I don’t like […]

10 Things to Smile About – The May Edition

1.  The Chocolate Covered Strawberries that Earl and AL made for Sunday Night Dinner. 2.  AL putting an arrow right through the barbed wire fence… literally.  I’m not sure you could do that again if you tried. 3.  Snow in May… sure why not?!?! 4.  Sharing Cinco de Mayo with our Sunday Night Dinner Crowd. […]

Let's Make Sweet Tea

So pretty much every Sunday Night Dinner post talks about making Sweet tea and I wondered just how many people out there don’t know how to make it?  Probably no one but still, I’m going to share with you how we make it for Sunday Night Dinner. Ok so we all use Lipton Cold Brew […]