The Saturday That Was

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Saturday morning I was going garage saling with my sister in law and mother in law. It was the city wide garage sale. So I set my alarm for 6:15am to get up. They were supposed to be here around 6:30-7. At 6:40 Tbug came in waking her dad up telling him someone was here. My alarm never went off so I jumped out of bed, quickly got dressed and headed out the door. Then I realized why my alarm didn’t go off… I grabbed one that was stored on my phone for week days only. Alarm 1, Nicole 0. Woops.

Oh well, we went out to check out the deals. I left Abug, Tbug and hubby to fend for themselves. They got up and went to the dive shop, then went to the Guard arena/shack because there was an AYRA rodeo Saturday.

While I was out shopping with my MIL and SIL I realized that I didn’t take a house key with me. Luckily my MIL had my house key with her or I’d have been sol. Wow, lots of initials here. Once we were done, we grabbed lunch and they dropped me back off at the house. Then I headed to the AYRA Rodeo.

When I got there hubby was on the tractor disking up the arena.

Dean and Jared were grilling burgers and dogs (hotdogs).

Abug was in the shack. The shack is actually the cook shack but we all call it the guard shack… Abug found herself a horse to ride in the shack.

I was teasing the guys that I had to take pictures of them working to prove that they in fact did work :). Lee looks a bit scared of Pokey. Lee said he didn’t realize there was a camera involved until he looked at Pokey.

We start them young here. It was a great learning opportunity for Tbug to learn how to count change back. We had to help her a few times but otherwise she did awesome!

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