Tailgating with the Red Coaters

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So we have two friends, (technically 3, we claim one as our group now!! Nancy went through classes with Grady) who are Red Coaters for the Kansas City Chiefs. At Sunday’s game the Red Coaters had a tailgating party that was catered in for Red Coaters and their families. Since we are claimed as family too, we got to go!

Sunday we met up with everyone and headed to Kansas City. When we left home the temp was 68˚ and when we got to KC the temp was 29˚. I kept questioning our sanity, lol.

Tailgating was to start around 4pm but we were there a bit early. We went ahead and walked over to the tent and checked in and chatted for a while with all the other Red Coaters and their families. Eventually it was time to eat. You don’t have to tell us twice :).  I quickly snapped pictures of food as I was going through the line so I didn’t hold people up. A few looked at me like I was crazy but all my people know that’s just me… lol.

Now we played Denver. As I was sitting at the table I noticed there was a lady who was wearing an orange Pea Coat and a blue sweatshirt. I asked hubby if they were Denver fans. He suggested that it might just be ironic, especially since we were in the Red Coater tent…

Later before we ate, one of the Red Coaters introduced our honorary guests who were in fact Denver fans. They were her Brother and Sister in law. He blessed the meal and then once we got started eating they were sitting next to us at the table so we started talking to them. Of course I had to heckle him a little but apologized every time I did. He laughed and told hubby he needed to teach me to heckle better… lol.

The food was delicious I might add… we’re now back on the food if you couldn’t tell :). It was catered in through Hyvee, the grocery store. They sponsor things up here during the game. I really would like to know how other stadiums are since I’ve only been to Chiefs Kingdom!

So the cookies above… This is truly how big they are. And oh were they good!

Christmas Santa is back. (does that sound a little redundant? Oh well)

Eric Berry, one of the Chiefs players has been potentially diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. One of the things we decided to do was all Red Coaters and family/guests at the tailgate were encouraged to sign a flag for him to let him know that we were all thinking of him.

Then we went and sat in the truck for about an hour to try and defrost. Once that sun went down it was friggid. Finally we all geared up and headed into the stadium. Hubby and I had on our jeans, and jersey’s but we also had on long underwear, heavy socks, heavy coats, our bib overalls and sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are soooo much better than blankets as you don’t have to constant readjust blankets. Really the only thing cold on me was my face.

Once we got to our seats I thought it would be fun to take a picture… and we had photobombers!

I just love these two!

The sane ones of our group stayed home in the comfort of the house and watched the game on the tv… well until halftime. 

Sadly the game didn’t go in our favor… at all! We lost to the Denver Broncos 29-16. Yuck! Our group actually left at the start of 4th quarter because the game was that bad (in our favor) and it was soooooo cold. They did get a touchdown in the 4th quarter after we left but it wasn’t enough to even catch up.

And that my friends is how you freeze your tail off.

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