Run, Do Not Walk – Do Not Pass Go – Do Not Collect $200

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I get teased a lot about being the Queen of Random.
Yesterday at work probably was no different!

I walked into one of my co-worker’s office’s and asked her if she had photos of her with her grandkids.

To most people, that’s totally random and out of the blue.  Heck if someone walked up and asked me that I’m not so sure I wouldn’t look at them like they had flipped their lid.  BUT… It might not be random to them.
Let me walk you through how I got there… Shall we?

Sometimes the joke in our office is my boss is the phantom.  He’s in his office one minute and the next, he’s gone.  Almost like he vanished into thin air.  So our big boss, R, came by to talk to him, D, and of course D wasn’t in his office.  He walked off for a few minutes.  In fact, sometimes I’m surprised they don’t run into each other in the hallway.  So eventually D came back to his office.  I got up and was walking down the hallway and I saw R.  I looked at him and said, “He’s in his office.  Run!”  And of course R laughed at me.  In my head I was thinking, Run don’t walk.  Do Not Pass Go.  Do Not Collect $200.  Get to his office now or he’ll be gone.  {I hope you realize that do not pass go, do not collect $200 is in reference to Monopoly.}  So I continued on my way down the hallway. 

But that got me to thinking about playing Rummy.  I love that card game.  I used to play it all the time with my Grandma S.  And now I’ve taught hubby to play it.  So I was thinking that we need to play it again, soon!  We’ve talked about playing it with Tbug but he’s not sure she has the patience to learn it.  I point out to him that I was playing that at her age, but he thinks we should start with Go Fish first.  But back to the story at hand… thinking about my Grandma S.  And me, being the picture person I am remembered this picture.

And Sadly, I got to thinking about how few photos exist of me and my grandparents.  All 4 of them.  I still have one grandma left, and probably out of all my grandparents, I have the most photos with the two of us together, partially because we share a birthday so there are a lot of birthday photos of us.  And truthfully there are very few photos that exist of my grandparents in general.

Then I got to thinking about Tbug.  My mother HATES having her photo taken.  Really, there are very few photos around of her.  I took this recent one of her, and she’d probably disown me if she knew I took it, but sometimes, you have to sneak them in on her.

So when I asked my co-worker if she had many photos of her with her grandkids, that is how I got there.  Very strategically. 

So I guess my point to this whole post is, even if you don’t like having your photo taken, Sometimes you need to suck it up so that your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids can all know who you were.

Remember Trisha Yearwood’s uncle said it best, “Pictures aren’t for today, they are for tomorrow.”  I agree Uncle Wilson!

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  1. Wow! You just about covered everything. I like the phantom boss part. Yes, now that I think of it I have very few pictures with my grandparents on my dad's side. It's too late now–sad!

  2. Hello-Popped over from E's blog (Lesa).
    I enjoyed reading your posts on both of your blogs.
    Pictures are very important–one cannot take enough of them, especially if it is of family memebers.

    I grew up in Missouri but have not heard of the town you live in. Where have I been? Please don't answer that. 🙂

    Anyway just wanted to invite you to join the fun at Dreaming. I can be very random when need be.


  3. I *WISH* I had more pics of my grandma…and my grandparents that I never met or was too young to remember them. I especially wish we had more pictures of my dad, especially from the past few years, but when he wasn't feeling well, he hid from the camera even more than usual. You don't realize how much you wish you had those shots until it's too late…
    Remind your mom of this all the time!!!!

  4. I'm always the one behind the camera and the hubs is always behind the video camera! I so wish I had more pics of my grandma and papa. You are right to remind us!

  5. I despise having my picture taken. I do not photograph well. My chins show up, my face is broken out, (which hello I am over 40 now! shouldn't that be a thing of the past!?) On and on I go…but I started seeing a pattern with pictures of me, I would make faces, silly goof ball faces. It was time to start smiling nice no matter how ugly I think I am, someone somewhere down the line will say, she was fun, and I get to see her silly side, and her real smile. It's still hard for me. But I do it.

  6. I think we might just share the same brain! That is exactly how I often come to some of my thoughts too 🙂

  7. I agree! We really treasure those memories, so no matter what we need to all take pics! I took one of myself with my grandma and great-aunt last time I was home, and I get to treasure it forever.

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