Snookums Peace Offering – take 2

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On Easter Sunday after lunch, I got into watching You Again while dad & Tbug went out to ride horses.  Then Hubby got up and walked outside himself.  Toward the end of the movie Hubs calls me and says, You should bring your camera and come out there.

I took my sweet time and grumbled and groaned a little bit… yeah I’m cool like that, but I went out to see this.

I guess hubby had been working for about 30 minutes to be able to get her to eat out of the bucket and let you pet her.  Remember, I got a head start feeding her out of my hand a couple weeks before :).  And then my dad had been working on getting her to eat horse treats.  So this obviously was the next step!

After I snapped a few photos Tbug was itchin to go back to riding so she jumped out of the pen and I crawled in.  After all my hard work, I wanted in on this!

With my right hand I could quietly get up to her ear… She wasn’t real sure about me, but she’d sort of allow it.

Then we’d have to kiss and make up…

And I’d have to coax her into eating out of the bucket again…

She wasn’t real crazy about my left hand touching her though…. I’m not sure why.

She’d let me, but she wouldn’t let me touch her ear like I could with my right hand.

And you can tell she’s getting a little annoyed here.

So I backed off and tried to kiss and make up again.

And she snorted/snotted at me here….

And I let her get a few more bites before she decided she was done with me.

So hubby came and started in a little more.

But, she kept coming back to me.  Oh yeah, she’s my girl!

But then I lost out to the feed, once again…

I think she started running out of feed around this point, because not long after this….

Oh how did that get in there?  I’m sorry!

She was done with us.

Although she’s a very funny, prissy horse.  She doesn’t like to get her feet dirty if at all possible.

And she let us know real fast we needed to get out of her pen.  So we crawled out of the fence.  I’d say my hubby looks pretty happy with his afternoon of work!

Great job honey on working with MY horsey!

Btw, I still haven’t seen that movie all the way through… I’m just sayin…

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  1. Food is the key to anyone's/any animal's stomach! Haha. Oh, and I love how you snuck the butt picture in.

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