Alfredo Sauce Mishaps – Take Two

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So, Alfredo Sauce Take-Two… I’d love to flat out tell you this round went better, but maybe you should continue to read.  {Don’t know what I’m talking about… read the first mishap}

This time around we decided to make our own Ravioli.  I’ve seen Giada DeLaurentiis do this before, looked easy enough, right?

So first off decide what you want for your filling.  We chose Hamburger & Ricotta Cheese with a handful of Parmesan.  I needed the rest for my Alfredo Sauce so I skimped a little on the Parm…

So brown up the hamburger.

Once that is browned, dump it off in another bowl (or get another skillet, whatever) so it has a chance to cool.  Meanwhile, start on making your Alfredo.  Now pour your 1 1/4 cups Chicken broth into the skillet.  This time pay attention,  make sure to grab the teaspoon, and put 4 teaspoons of flour into the chicken broth.


Use a whisk to thicken the chicken broth, then add your 4 oz of cream cheese.  Remember to either let the cream cheese come to room temp or else make sure your broth is warm because if not, it will take forever for the cream cheese to melt…

While you are waiting on the cream cheese to melt add Ricotta Cheese to the hamburger mix along with any seasonings you (or your husband who forgets to tell you so you can blog about it) want to put in and the handful of Parmesan cheese (which your hubs says isn’t enough but you have to explain you need the rest…); mix together.

Now use your Wonton Wrappers, fill with your stuffing.  Get a small glass (or I used my measuring cup) and place water in it.  Run your finger in the water and then run along the edge of all 4 corners.  Then decide if you want squares (larger) or triangles (smaller).

By this point, my fingers were either covered in water or stuffing so I got the hubs to take photos.  He likes to take photos of me while we’re cooking… LOL.

Anyway if triangles, fold into a triangle and press your seams together.  If squares, use a second wonton wrapper and press to the bottom one.


All was going well up to this point…

Then… not so much.

So get water rolling in your pot and add your Ravioli to the boiling water.

All still seemed to be going well…  As I said, I’ve seen Giada DeLaurentiis do this before…

So hubs is making the ravioli and I finished the sauce.  Yeah so the cream cheese decided not to melt so my sauce by this point is lumpy.  So I swirled it around for a while and then added the rest of the Parmesan Cheese.

And then I heard hubs saying, “Uh… something isn’t right.”  And we wound up with this mess…  I will tell you, they tasted good, but it was MESSY!  A lot of the filling came out in the boiling water.

So he said, “Let’s get out the Deep Fryer.”  Um… yeah… so we deep fried the ravioli’s…

So Lumpy sauce mixed with Italian Wontons and Wonton mush…

It was easier to pick them up and eat them with your fingers  🙂

Now truthfully, they weren’t bad, either way… but I’m going to have to study on how to make those dadgum ravioli’s again using Wonton wrappers.  Does anyone have experience making your own ravioli with those wrappers?  Any suggestions, tips, clues?


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