Smarty Pants!

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**I made dinner last night and held fresh Garlic in my hands… whew I’ve washed them I don’t know how many times and my hands still smell like garlic.  Ok just thought I’d share.  Luckily I don’t mind the smell of Garlic!  Now back to regularly scheduled programming :)**

This weekend was a little chilly around these parts, but Saturday morning we got up and went out and started planting some trees along our driveway.  While hubby and Tbug were planting the trees I was moving the lawnmower around (yes we had it out, we have a trailer for it… :)) and passing out trees.  Well Oakley was being a good girl moving around with us and for the most part leaving the new trees alone.  They aren’t big and she’s still a puppy… not a good combo!

So while we were moving around I started in on “training” her to sit on command.  She started doing fairly well at that so I figured while I was at it, I’d work on Shake too.

This is one smart pup!  After a morning of that she had sit and shake down on command for the most part.  Well Tbug jumped in with me and all weekend we worked on “Sit” and “Shake”.  It’s extremely good because the last time Tbug was with us Oakley jumped up to grab her hood on her jacket and wound up giving her a small black eye… major Fail!  So I figured we’d work on manners and it turns out Oakley will listen to Tbug too!  Yey!

And after Audrey got in trouble for going into the barn and killing the chickens… Oakley has nothing, and so far I mean nothing to do with that barn.  She’s really smart!! 🙂

“Awe man, you’re going in there?  Again?”

“Screw that, I’m staying out here!”

“Oakley, Come here.”
“Only if you come out of the barn, Ok?”

“Good Girl, Good Sit!!”


“Such a good girl, Good Shake!”

I was so impressed!  But I’m also glad that Oakley listens to Tbug, that’s one of my main concerns!  That and NOT jumping on my car.  I’ll kick her butt the next time I find paw prints on my car… I’m just sayin 🙂

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Aww, she's so cute! Hahaha

    Definitely try using the lemon trick to get the smell off your hands. 😉

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