Reason Number 744

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Reason number 744 why we shouldn’t have to dress up to come to work:
So it’s a typical Monday morning, walking in to work, the siren from wherever it is off in the distance is going off screaming it’s 8am Monday Morning (ok I was actually early this morning oddly enough, that’s not usually the case, that’s how I know about the 8am Monday alarm off in the distance….)… anyway I was walking in to work down the middle of the drive toward the steps.  When they re did the steps a year ago it’s kind of slick concrete, add some leaves in there and you have a helluva mess!  Yeah you guessed it, I hit those leaves and went sliding.  Luckily I didn’t fall down… I could just read the headlines now, Risk department worker has concussion.  Yeah that would be just my luck, but see, my shoes, those leaves, that concrete… reason 744 not to dress up for work!  If you want to hear the rest of my list, maybe someday I’ll reveal it! 🙂


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