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I am quite impressed with the way Tbug’s room turned out. She likes the color pink. Right now the pinks and browns and blues and browns are “It”. We decided we wanted a Blue and Brown bedroom. With that in mind and the fact that she likes pink, we thought, well heck, let’s give her a pink and brown room. Kind of keep with the same scheme of things. Then we thought we’d incorporate brown in the MIL room but then we went Black and white instead.

Anyway Here are the before shots of the house before it was ours: (so none of the stuff is ours)

2 of the walls in this room are concrete so it makes it difficult plus they had textured the 2 concrete walls which adds even more difficulty. That’s why we decided to just paint the entire room. Made it easier for all purposes.

Here is PC painting the brown. He used the roller and I stuck with the brush on the corners. His sister came over the day before and painted the pink walls for us. Now as you’ll notice he has no shoes on… they are in fact in the washer. He stepped in paint. Not a good idea… but we got it fixed 🙂 Makes for a good story too 🙂

As you can see we did opposites for the trim. Yes that was my handy idea. We did the same for the floor boards, wall plates, and light plates.

Setting up her bed.

You can see the Papasan Chair in the closet. Yeah I put her clock in there also. I wandered around the house for 2 days looking for the silly alarm clock. I found it when I was hanging clothes in her closet :). Go me!

Here was the original set up. I hated it! So after it was set-up, we rearranged. I like the set up now but here’s the original…

And finally, the finished product (from all 4 corners of the room).

She was at the house 2 weekends ago. It had been a month since she’d come to see us because she had been at camp. She walked in the room and I’m pretty sure she loved it. The girl was actually speechless. All she said was, “Oh Wow!” and the first thing she wanted to do was jump up on the bed. We are going to have to get her a step to get up and down off of it for a while because it’s a pretty tall bed but I think she likes it.

We are also putting a large cork board on the wall next to the Cowgirl sign so that if she wants to put anything on the wall, that is the only place but she is allowed to put anything there, well with in reason.. haha! No naked boys ;).

My mom made the bedding for her bed. She plans on making throw pillows for the bed for when Tbug isn’t with us but her sewing machine is broken and in the shop and they aren’t sure when it’ll be out so who knows when we’ll get the pillows but we have all the material. The curtain came from JC Penney. We need to re-cover the Papasan chair, blue really doesn’t go but until we decide what we are going to do, it’ll stay blue for now.

Next, I think I’ll probably show the living room.

Peace, Love, & Daughters

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  1. Haha so I read the post without realizing the after photos were down below and was like, “um…okay, well I guess I just have different tastes” Then I scrolled down and was like, “oh okay thank goodness!!”

    Her room looks great! If I was a little girl I'd love it. Especially the cheetah print chair 🙂

  2. Oh! I love it Nicole! That is some great bedding. It is amazing to see the transformation! Great job! Thank you so much for participating in Communal Global's Tuesdays Around the World. We are always so glad to see you : )

  3. That looks great!! I especially love the opposite colours on the trim…cool idea!

    Thanks for linking up with us…and thanks for all your visits and kind comments <3

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