One Year Ago… Part VI

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Yes the message was from none other than the boy from years ago. The boy who brought back flooding memories…

Him: Long time no see!! How’ve you been??

me: Definitely. Just working, How about yourself?

Him: SAME working in KY right now for the government!! Fun Fun
Where you at now??

me: Wow Kentucky… that’s nuts… oh for now I’m back home with my parents working… in this economy it looks like We are lucky to have jobs. So Married? Kids?

Him: I am divorced with a 6 yo daughter!! You?

Sudden heart sinking in my chest. A bit of hurt or something, I’m not sure the emotion that came over me. I always said I never wanted to be with a guy who had been married or one who had kids. But wait, me, thinking of being with another guy, out of the relationship I just got out of… was I nuts? Was I losing my mind? I think so… Hell this guy never even said he liked me… we just talked through facebook for the first time in 10 years. I know what my problem is… Sleep deprevation is taking it’s toll on me. I NEED SLEEP!!!!!

But I continued on:
me: nope to both. Been dating a guy for 5 1/2 years but that’s on the verge of falling through.

Him: well that sucks. I’m sorry to hear that!! I hope everything works out okay!! Do you have MSN Messenger, it would be easier!!
me: Nope, and I’m not even sitting at a computer… I’m watching off the phone internet… LOL
Him: LOL I see!!
me: Although I was actually on a comp earlier when I found you. Gotta love modern Technology.
Him: LOL I was on my phone when I got the first message from facebook… LOL
That must be when my exhaustion took over and I fell asleep.
It was so weird waking up that next morning (Monday). Of all days of the week I usually dread Monday’s the worst but for once even though things had turned sour, I woke up with a different outlook on life. I’m not sure what the different outlook was, maybe it was the fact that there was life after all… who knows.
And the most amazing part, I actually went to work dressed for work, in matching clothes and got compliments on how I was dressed. That right there is super exciting. I’m pretty sure the previous week I looked like a total train wreck.
In the previous relationship I had made a comment one time that if nothing happened at 5 years to the day (at least a ring) I was walking. My mom always said that I probably wouldn’t do it and unfortunately she was right. I didn’t walk like I had threatened. But I will give myself credit, I did eventually walk. It just took another 6 months to find my feet to do it.
But here was my biggest fear: Who wants an almost 26 year old who’s been in a relationship for 5 1/2 years? Most all the good ones are taken and if they aren’t… why? I actually had a past guy friend tell me that if a girl wasn’t married by the time she was 25, there was something wrong with her. That always stuck in my head. Now I’m that girl so what is wrong with me? Am I the problem?
That morning I realized I had fallen asleep on him last night and that I should probably respond or he might think I lost interest in being friends or something. Who knows. So at 9am I picked my phone up and sent him a message… surely he’s either at work or still asleep and I won’t bug him so I figured it might open up the line of communication for later that night. That way the ball was in his court:
me: That’s Awesome
Boy I sure hope he knows what I”m talking about… his previous message, otherwise he’s going to think I’m a complete airhead or something… well whatever………
me: (one minute later): Oh so how did you wind up in KY?
Him: I joined the army when I was 19 served 2 years at Ft. Campbell Met a few people then when I got out I went back home for a few years then I was offered a job down here. Been working here ever since!! Well not exactly here LOL I deployed to Afghanistan as a DoD contractor for a year!! That was fun LOL!!! NOT!!!
me: Wow! Well you deserve many thanks then for defending our country!
Him: I appreciate that! We should have a drink sometime when I’m home!! catch up!!
me: Sounds good… and you know, you really should put a picture up on your page… LOL
I wanted to see how he’d changed! Who doesn’t want to know what who they are talking to looks like??!!
Him: Lol yeah I know I’m on myspace if you want to check it out!!
me: I don’t usually play there but I’ll have to check it out =)
me: Yeah so I tried that and it said that you were a 40 y/o in Sacramento CA… wow when did you age so much?
Him: Lol I mean I have gotten older LOL and I show my age LOL but I’m much wiser now LOL
Him: It’s kind of funny a few weeks ago when I was home visiting I found some old pics of you and me and Taria in Florida!! What a time that was LOL
OMG I think my heart stopped!!!
and as always to be continued ๐Ÿ™‚
Peace, Love & Suspense!

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  1. Nothing in the world like a good love story is there? Especially when it's your own. And thankyou so much for the award, my first, I love it.

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