A Saturday Post: The Lake

Let’s just state for the record… if you don’t like pictures, today’s post is definitely not for you… we’re looking at 33. It’s just a days worth of photos and truthfully, there were more, I weeded it down to 33. FYI over. Now let the post commence.

Whoever heard of or thought of getting up before 7am on a Saturday is out of their mind. This is probably why I didn’t marry a farmer… lol :). This last weekend a huge group of our friends went down to the lake. Hubby and I decided we’d meet up with them Saturday for a day at the lake. (the rest were camping!!) Abug woke up her cheery normal self and was eating animal crackers to start her day. This kids momma didn’t raise a fool. lol :). Then on the drive down she took in a little snooze. Again, her momma didn’t raise a fool!


Lakes, Sunscreen, Food, & Fires

Earlier last week sometime plans were made for Tbug, hubby and I to get up and go to the lake Saturday morning. They were certifying some boyscouts and we were going down too. I have been fighting a cold, plugged ears, etc… lots of stuff to keep me from diving… but I recently got my new fins in and I wanted to dive and try them out… so I agreed to get up an some unknown hour that turned out to be 5:30am. Did you know that time exists? This wasn’t quite 5:30 but close. I have no idea what time we left the house…

Hubby decided we should stop to get some donuts to take with us.


Birthday Party Take 1

Okay, I finally sucked it up, and decided it was time to admit that we had Abug’s first birthday party. Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor because my baby is 1. Okay… so… we had her first birthday party. Originally we were going to have a family party on her birthday and then a party the next day at a friends house for all her friends.

In a change of events, we had her friends birthday party at the lake. Hey that’s one of the great things about summer birthdays!

Sadly I was sick for most of this birthday. Ugh! So I didn’t help much in food prep other than doing her birthday cake. So while everyone else was preparing dinner, Tbug and I took Abug down to the water for a little photo shoot in her 1 year old birthday dress.

These two have the most unique bond and I absolutely LOVE it. I was always worried, especially after a conversation Tbug and I had when her dad and I were first married, but these two absolutely LOVE each other.


Have a Snickers

So I’m going through the multiple photos I took of baby girls birthday… trying to keep myself together that I have a 1 year old! I plan on writing a post about it… and maybe, just maybe I won’t cry while writing it… but today… today let’s talk about Snickers. Yes as in the candy bars…

During Memorial Weekend this became our slogan and it just stuck…

One of the mornings I hopped out of the truck after annoying hubby by pointing out that his mirrors were going to bump into Grady’s mirrors. He grumbled at me and I told him fine leave it that way. Dan asked me how I was and I said that someone was grumpy and it wasn’t me. Dan asked if he needed a hug and I said he needed something alright.


Underwater Safari Hunt 2015

So in 2013 we experienced our first Underwater Safari Hunt. And by that I mean we stayed on dry land and watched as those who found animals came up to claim their prize. Sadly hubby and I weren’t certified Scuba Divers at that point in our life. We didn’t get certified until a little less than a month later.

Jump forward to 2014 and I was 38-39ish weeks pregnant and banned from coming down to the lake because they didn’t want to have to duct tape my legs together and drive like a bat out of hell to get me to a hospital if I went in to labor.

So now it is 2015. Plans were to either dive with the divers who were hiding the animals so I could get pictures, or else dive with Tbug when she competed. Enter in what may have been the flu… I’m not really sure. I was out of commission and couldn’t/shouldn’t/didn’t dive. But, that didn’t stop Tbug from diving! She either has to dive with a parent or a dive instructor so we asked Doug if he’d be willing to dive with her so she could compete. He was happy to. Hubby would have dove with her but he volunteered to help with cooking food.

That morning we headed down to the swim beach around 8am because they were having open water check out dives for current students that morning. Also the water levels are up so much that we were afraid there wouldn’t be enough room for people so we had to stake out our spots early on.


Memorial Weekend Part Deux

Warning: Picture Heavy!

Saturday morning we were to meet up around 8:30 at the dive site. The fog coming up out of the hills was breath taking and this picture doesn’t do it justice!

When your tanks are filled at the shop, they place stickers on them to let you know. For some reason I stuck mine on hubby… I’m just not sure why…

This is the table we normally set up at. The water levels are so high that the water was right here… usually you have to walk across the gravel bar to get to the water.


Memorial Weekend Part 1

So I planned on doing Memorial Weekend in one post… but I’m at like 36ish photos already… and that just gets me to Friday. Oy!

I pretty much spent my whole week at the lake last week, which was all well and good, except… the weather forecast sucked. I started watching the week before and there was pretty much chances of rain all weekend long. And I’m pretty sure it rained at some point every day. Luckily a friend of ours let us borrow their camper and it had a slide out so it was like having a nice house. That was great for letting Abug down on the floor to play. Whew!

It was a long story as to why I wound up at the lake the whole week but we went down Tuesday evening when hubby got off work and I camped out. He drove from the lake to work and I spent my days alone with Abug or with my FIL who came down to stay Wednesday afternoon.

When we got to the lake we had to fill the camper up with water. Then it was time to go park it. Baby girl had never been to the lake so we definitely needed a documentation selfie!

Once the camper was set, we decided to go eat dinner at Short Stop. Luckily we did because Tbug and hubby got sick Memorial Day (Monday) and we didn’t get to stop on our way home.


Shortstop Grill & Giant Ice Cream Cones – Garfield, AR

Holy cow, this has been one heck of a weekend, but let’s start with the end of the weekend first so that I can flip through the millions (quite a bit of an exaggeration) of photos that I took throughout the weekend.  I decided we’d start with a restaurant review to start off the weekend recap.

On the way home from the lake, one of the traditions, or so AL & JT told us, is to stop at The Short Stop for not only lunch but ice cream.  And to quote AL, “There’s always room for ice cream.  Dessert has a second stomach.”

There were tons of things on the menu to choose from, plus there is a daily special.  The special was Chicken Fried Steak.  They are known for their ice cream cones here, but more on that later.


Hey Eufaula

My dad is quite the character and he and I have always had that special bond. I was a daddy’s girl, no questions asked! My dad has told me many times, especially when I was in junior high and high school that back in the day when he was in school he had an English teacher that made them write stories. They would get their topic on a Friday and it was due the following Monday. Dad said actually that was probably the best teacher because he learned to create stories, where he might not have otherwise. So yes, my dad is quite the storyteller and the real kicker of it all…. sometimes, actually a lot of times, they are believable. So as a kid, we’ve made many trips to Texas and all over Oklahoma showing horses. Going down 69 headed through Oklahoma to Texas there is a town/lake you pass called Eufaula. As a little kid of course I asked the million-dollar question… how did they get that name….? So I present my dad’s version of how… (but to this day he swears he never told me this story)…