Memorial Weekend Part 1

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So I planned on doing Memorial Weekend in one post… but I’m at like 36ish photos already… and that just gets me to Friday. Oy!

I pretty much spent my whole week at the lake last week, which was all well and good, except… the weather forecast sucked. I started watching the week before and there was pretty much chances of rain all weekend long. And I’m pretty sure it rained at some point every day. Luckily a friend of ours let us borrow their camper and it had a slide out so it was like having a nice house. That was great for letting Abug down on the floor to play. Whew!

It was a long story as to why I wound up at the lake the whole week but we went down Tuesday evening when hubby got off work and I camped out. He drove from the lake to work and I spent my days alone with Abug or with my FIL who came down to stay Wednesday afternoon.

When we got to the lake we had to fill the camper up with water. Then it was time to go park it. Baby girl had never been to the lake so we definitely needed a documentation selfie!

Once the camper was set, we decided to go eat dinner at Short Stop. Luckily we did because Tbug and hubby got sick Memorial Day (Monday) and we didn’t get to stop on our way home.

All that matters is YUM! I went with the 1/3 pound burger basket and added cheese and bacon.

Hubby went with the half pound and added cheese and bacon. We didn’t get ice cream this visit. That’s usually a leaving the lake venture but again I didn’t get my cone. Oh well… next time!

Wednesday morning hubby got up and went to work. Abug and I saw this view when we woke up. I’m not going to lie, I could get used to that view. But I definitely don’t really want to live in a camper :). Although it was a nice camper, don’t get me wrong!!

Thursday morning though we woke up to rain. Hubby had already gotten up to go to work by this time too. I’m not sure what his morning views looked like.

My FIL, Abug and I just chilled in the camper mainly watching Friends. Abug played with her toys and cans of green beans. Don’t ask about the cans of green beans because she also played with my hair brush. Whatever… it was rainy and she wasn’t upset.

The clouds stuck around all day but the rain ceased mid morningish.

Thursday was one of the driest days we experienced the whole weekend except for Monday. Jared has the windows covered so it was extremely easy to get baby squirrel to take naps. She took great naps this whole weekend.

I might admit I took great naps too….

When hubby got “home” from work, some of our friends ventured in so he decided to go down and see if they needed any help setting up. Baby girl and I decided to walk down as well just to see what was happening. It was a lot of fun because Tiff’s kids were waiting “patiently” for Dan to bring their camper but he wasn’t going fast enough for them. I gave them Kool Aid and they were iffy at first but their aunt Priscilla told them it was okay to take the drink from me. I was friends with their mommy and daddy. Stranger Danger!

Once they were set up we came back to work on dinner. When hubby opened the fridge baby girl immediately got in there to help.

Turns out she wanted a drink so I made her water with the tropical punch pouch in it. It turned her tongue red. All we needed was her to eat her strawberry pudding and she’d have had red lips too.

Then daddy’s sous chef went back to helping him cook.

Then she went out to hang out with daddy and grandpa while they cooked the pork chops.

I started the green beans and then went outside to snap a few pictures because I just love the water.

Friday my FIL took advantage of nap time too.

My MIL had the day off and Tbug is now out of school so Memaw brought Tbug down Friday morning. I was teasing her because her Coke said share with a smile :).

My FIL decided to go off garage saling and asked Tbug if she wanted to go with him so they left. Memaw played with baby girl so that I could decorate Deb’s birthday cake.
Once hubby got back after work we loaded up and went up to the swim beach. They were sweeping sand off the parking spots so he jumped in and started helping. I would have but there were only 2 brooms. Kimmy was moving it off by hand and with the help of BH’s shovel.

Abug has never been in the sand before so we decided to see what she’d do. She hated it… I think. She stood in it a few minutes and then from there she’d yank her feet up like a frog. From there on, anytime she got close those feet came up into her body cavity. It was funny.

The older girls braved the water. It might have been cold that day but they weren’t afraid.

They said the worst part was getting out of the water. They quickly dried off, changed clothes but were back in their suits in no time flat.

Because everyone needs to be buried in the sand. Tbug had gone garage saling with my FIL so when she got back to where we were, she was in a sweatshirt and jeans (it was cold!). She quickly ditched her sweatshirt and her tennis shoes/socks, rolled her jeans up and started playing in the surf/sand. She thought I was kidding when I told her to do that but heck what’s it matter. Only reason I had her pull her jeans up was so she wasn’t stepping on them because they were soaked in the end. When we headed back to the campground she was like are you sure it’s okay I’m so wet? I asked if she had fun and she said yes and I said, well yeah then!

Don’t worry, all the big girls played in the sand too (i.e. Tiff, Kim and me).

When we got out of the water we headed back up the hill to the trucks. The guys were having their own fun.

Finally it was time to change clothes and head down to eat. Hey our motto is, “If there’s food, they will come.” When we got to the other campsite there was a water hose sitting there and Abug decided to chew on it.

The initial thought was to head to Short Stop but we decided instead to grill hamburgers and hotdogs. Kimmy brought Jalapeno Cheddar Deer Brats (YUM!)

And this seriously just gets us to Friday. I guess a lot happens when you spend almost the entire week at the lake!

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