Christmas House… Coronavirus Day 7

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Here we are… Day 7 of this “You Should Stay Home Suggestion.” At this point, that’s where we are. There are some states I’ve heard who already have stay at home orders, but we’re just highly encouraged at this point. 

Truthfully I am a homebody. I’m okay with being home. But this is eating at me. I like to go when I want to. I’m trying to do what’s best though, I don’t want to be the cause of a spread. At this point, there are no known cases in my county. So we’ll see.

This kind of feels like we’ve been given the gift of time. Nowhere to be and a lot of things canceled already so we have time. Just how on earth are we going to fill our time? Well today, at my house anyway, we’re doing the Christmas Gingerbread House. Say what?

Well at Christmas time we ran out of time. Sometime around November, I happened to be walking through Michaels and found a Frozen Gingerbread house. I made sure to buy it since the little LOVES Frozen… but then we ran out of time to construct it. It’s been sitting on my toaster ever since. At least once a week the little asks if we can do it, but it never worked out… until yesterday. Yesterday seemed like a good day. So here we are, doing Christmas Gingerbread Houses in March. As I said, we’ve been given the gift of time.

The girls also made Chocolate Chip Cookies because why not. It is so funny, I had a 20lb bag of sugar and a 25lb bag of flour that has been sitting at my house doing nothing since last fall. I still had a bunch I was using from previous bags, then we went on the KETO diet and weren’t using sugar or flour. Finally, I hit my grandma up and told her if she’d like them she was welcome to them. I didn’t want them to sit around and go bad on me. That was about a month ago. Now you can’t find sugar and flour anywhere. Or yeast or toilet paper or kitchen wipes or paper towels. 

This sure is interesting… But hey, we made a Gingerbread house! How are you using your time?

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