3-Layer Microwave Cake (Happy Birthday Momma!)

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Yes, you read this correctly! This 3-layer cake was made in the microwave. Mind blown! haha.

So a blog I like to follow called Bigger Bolder Baking (mentioned a time or two) said you could make a 3-layer cake in the microwave. Now if you know anything about me… of course I’m going to have to try that out.

Once upon a time for Christmas, my mom bought me a silicon baking set… but at the time I didn’t really care for it and never figured I’d use it ever again, so of course I got rid of it eventually. To me, it was just taking up space in the cabinet. And this time frame was like when I was still in high school or just first into college. Like a long time ago. By the way, I think I’m hanging out with my 15-year-old too much… like has been said like way too many like times. haha! Yes, sometimes we count how many times she uses that word in a sentence. 1 sentence. I think the record was 6 so far. One. Sentence. Let that sink in a minute.

Anyway… I had to go online and get new silicon baking pans because obviously metal ones and a microwave aren’t friends. Also, just for future reference… a metal bread tie and a microwave aren’t friends either.

3-Layer Microwave Cake

So the title mentions Happy birthday to my momma. Well yes, today is her birthday. Should I mention how old she is? She’s 3 years older than my aunt whose birthday is the end of this month (and technically year). I guess I won’t mention an age at this point… maybe later.

Anyway… Gemma makes this cake into a funfetti cake. I personally only could find Thanksgiving and Christmas sprinkles… oh and Halloween Sprinkles… so I decided to use the Christmas sprinkles. Happy Birthday in Christmas colors Momma!

A couple of months ago the little entered a Chili cook-off contest and actually won People’s Choice for Chili. I had someone come up and ask, “Did she really make that?” Why yes, yes she did. Thanks for asking. She has grown up in the kitchen with me. Now, she can’t make all the decisions herself and can’t use a knife yet… so she was under the supervision of my dad, but yes, she did everything he told her to do. Brown the hamburger, check. Dump the tomatoes, check. Stir, got it. So Did she cook, why yes, yes she did.

And by the way, here’s proof she was helping make my mom’s birthday cake. She was bound and determined she was going to measure out all the ingredients so I supervised and gave her some pointers and she made the cake batter.

Now, Gemma’s cake was made in a 1200 watt oven. My mom’s microwave is 1350 watts, but it is also 23 years old or so which means it may or may not be 1350 watts. I don’t really know. Gemma said that it was to cook for 2 minutes 30 seconds. These wound up cooking longer than that. I also only had 2 silicon pans so I wasn’t totally able to make my batter even. When they baked, the tops were as flat and level as cakes out of the oven either, but HELLO, we cut off the tops and got to try it!


We used a regular American Buttercream to ice it but with all the research I’ve done on cakes this year, I learned that European butter has a higher butterfat. I decided to break out the good butter that I’m really stingy on using for the icing. Good call!

Ever wondered how to get that watercolor effect? Simple! You ice your cake in the white (or my case off yellow) icing. Then you die your colors (mine were red and green obviously). Using a small spatula place small splotches around the cake randomly. Then use a long straight spatula or a bench scraper/icing smoother and twist around until it all works together and becomes smooth. Then use any leftover icing to finish decorating. Make sure to top off with sprinkles. And there is a water colored 3-layer microwave birthday cake. Wow, that’s a mouth full… say that 10 times fast.

Happy Birthday, Momma! We love you!

Try the recipe here! It’ll be great for making cakes in the summer!!

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  1. Beautiful! I’m going to have to tell my mom she could bake cakes in the microwave… I bet she won’t believe me! haha!
    Love the Christmassy look to it too 🙂

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