Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Icebox Cupcakes

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I swear, I’ve been obsessed with cakes and cookbooks. Well, the cookbook thing isn’t anything new. But this new, pretty, big, fancy cakes thing is new. I can’t tell you how many cookbooks I’ve at least picked up here recently if not put in my Amazon cart. No, I haven’t bought all of them… but a couple here and there. And the websites and the YouTube channels. Oh gosh, someone needs to break me of this habit. Although, right now I need to point out that so far this week I haven’t done ANY baking. I’m almost feeling at a bit of a loss.

Like I said, it’s become a new obsession I guess. The pretty cakes make me happy. One of the cookbooks I did pick up was the Simply Beautiful Homemade Cakes by Lindsay Conchar of Life, Love, & Sugar blog. Guys, no one asked me to say this, but the cakes that she put in this cookbook are just beautiful. I’ve made two of them actually. Although, these are cupcakes, not a cake… but aren’t they just beautiful?

Chocolate-covered Strawberry Icebox Cupcakes

Guys, you make a strawberry puree, then you add some gelatin to the top. Guys, when it sets up, I kid you not, it looks like a brain, right? Am I crazy? I giggled about that.

This cake had some great layers. While there never really was any chocolate covered anything… I guess other than the Chocolate Chips ahoy cookies. What? Okay… I’ll explain that in a minute.

But while there weren’t really chocolate covered strawberries in this, it might have been pretty darn tasty to have a chocolate covered strawberry on the top!

And that mousse. Oh, that mousse layer. Yum! I could have eaten all of it with a spoon, but that would have been bad because that’s whipped cream in the bowl. That might be why it was so darn good.

I made these icebox cupcakes for the Fourth of July. I couldn’t show up to Grady and Deb’s house empty-handed. When I saw these cupcakes in the cookbook, they looked so good and pretty as well as didn’t heat up the house turning on the oven. Plus, like I said, I couldn’t show up empty-handed.

Problems… if that’s what you want to call them…

Now one problem I had was it called for wafer cookies. I couldn’t find wafer cookies. I’m not sure where to find those. Remember, I live in SW MO and we mainly have Walmart (sad face). p.s. I love love love grocery stores. Over the weekend I went to 3 just to look around. I was in the Kansas City area. I want more true grocery stores!! Anyway, so I found wafer thin chocolate chips ahoy cookies and used those. They were a little bigger than the bottoms of my cupcake wrappers, so… using those as a guide wasn’t the easiest.

It was also hot, even in the house with the air on so I quickly put these together, then put them in the fridge. I wish they would have fit in cupcake tins because they kind of toppled a little bit once I put them in the refrigerator. Then when I put them in the container to take to Deb and Grady’s house, I had that same issue. A few of the strawberries on top toppled off.

The end product

These were REALLY RICH but oh so yummy! It was a cookie, a layer of ganache, a layer of strawberry mousse, a cookie, ganache, mousse, cookie, ganache and a whole strawberry. Yum! So now you should get this cookbook so you can make these. You’re welcome. I’m just trying to help you out with your cookbook collection too!


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