Labor Day 2016

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After such a taxing weekend, we decided to Monday we were going to relax. Just take time and do nothing. Or else, go swimming, that works too.

Abug got to play with Karen’s new puppy. She may or may not claim the puppy as hers. lol.

I was a little bit of a weenie in getting in the water. I’m a warm water person and this was 83ish˚. Brrrrr! So I sat with my feet in the water and played fetch with Sisco and Pete for over an hour.

Abug decided she was going to help me too.

Hubby, Jared, and Lee (not pictured ;)) cooked dinner. There was fish and chicken and steak and mushrooms and onions and zucchini and squash and bread and oh yum! That’s all…. oh yum!

Grady and Dan were watching a ballgame and then a rodeo out in Wyoming.

I sooooo wanted to jump in but the air temperature wasn’t hot enough to deal with the coolness of the water. I’m so a warm water type girl, I”m telling you.

Memaw’s 70th birthday was on Labor Day this year. She came over and celebrated with us. We actually put 70 candles on a personal sized chocolate cream pie and lit them all on fire. I have video but not picture. The flames were awesome.

This little one is a busy body but she also likes to clean. Hopefully it’ll stick around when she’s older? She went around and collected all the plates and placed them in front of me while Deb went in to get the dessert.

Chocolate Eclair Cake and Peanut Butter Eclair Cake were what was for dessert and OH. MY. GOSH. was it tasty. I bet you thought I was going to say yummy huh?

Then we entertained ourselves by picking on our friend Doug. We texted him off Memaw’s cell phone and it was all game. Hours of entertainment.

Finally, it was time to go home so Abug put her baby to bed and away we went.

And that my friends was our Labor Day weekend. All these photos brought to you by my iPhone because my big girl camera was hidden somewhere in the move. I have since found it, just so you aren’t worried and think you have to send out a search party :).

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