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+Wondering how and why // on tv when someone goes to spit something out (ex. Mike on Friends spitting out the rats crackers or Tula on My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 spitting out the peanuts after hearing the old guys suck the chocolate off of them) they stick their tongue out and are overly dramatic about it…. Is that a tv thing or do people do that in real life?

+Recovering from // This weekend. I’d like to say it was a wild and wooly party, but sadly, I just did a lot of packing/moving and found muscles I haven’t seen in a while, Oh hello there strained muscle that is creeping up the back of my leg every time I so much as move.

+Washing // a bagillion loads of laundry. My husband said it would take me a while. How long has he known me? Washing laundry doesn’t get the best of me, it’s the putting it away. Wow, but right now I have access to 2 washers and 2 dryers so it’s going really fast. Now who wants to lend 4 hands to fold it all and put it away? That means those 2 would be putting it away, I might go enjoy a drink, not specifying what kind of drink, leaving my options open!

+Feeling // exhausted and defeated, but hopefully optimistic.

+Opening // boxes upon boxes upon boxes, looking for missing items.

+Wearing // hot pink gym shorts, the husband’s t-shirt, and one of the 4 pairs of underwear I’ve located so far. Do you think I’m burning more calories because I’m sitting here in gym shorts instead of sitting here in say a prom dress? Just a thought.

+Thrilled about // The upcoming possibilities. I’m not totally sure what they are just yet… but I feel like a little bit of the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders, at least for the time being. Ask me again in 30 minutes and I might change my mind.

+Watching // so I have my glasses on. There is a fan blowing. My hair is crazy. I’m actually watching the reflection of my flying hair in my glasses. I can’t explain it, just go with it.

+Smelling // Nothing. I went to sleep smelling fine, woke up this morning with a snotty nose. That’s lovely right? I’m just keeping it real and trying to paint a lovely picture. Wouldn’t you like to wake up to this hot mess beside you? Do you feel sorry for the husband? It’s ok… I might feel sorry for him too.

+Trying to forget // the giant tasks I have ahead of me today… i.e. unloading my car. I have approximately 28 steps to climb with an armload of clothes. ugh!

+Behind on // everything, but mainly summer. I spent my summer looking for a job instead of enjoying summer. Now I’m behind and still looking for a job. Hello Fall, you’re just around the corner. Please slow down!

+Thankful for // my family and my friends. Both help keep me grounded, drop everything to come help when they can, and if nothing else, they’ll change my daughters poopy diaper. Potty training, it’s a thing!

+Eating // Nothing. Zip, zilch, notta. Does that help burn calories? Or am I gaining them by just thinking about food?

+Anxious about // Life. Life in general. I heard once that successful people are open to the unknown and while I live okay with it, some days it makes me anxious. I guess that’s okay though, right? Please tell me I’m right!

+Forgiving myself for // Mistakes. I’ve made a lot of them. But I guess we all have… after all we’re human. I read this morning that if you make the same mistake more than once, it’s a decision. Contemplate that.

+Thinking about // Let’s talk politics for just a minute. No, I’m not actually going to talk deep discussion politics, over all, general. I believe that this is the first election where I remember people just getting out right mean to each other about their beliefs. I mean, yeah, people have one side or the other on an issue, but we can’t all agree to disagree? I’ve seen/heard people unfriending people on Facebook because they have different political views. Really? Let’s be open minded and view all the sides of an issue. I once heard that a great debator can not only debate the side that they like, but the opposing side as well. And debating the opposing side, what I mean is be for that opposing side. Not that you have to believe/agree with it, just debate it though. Doesn’t that make you a well rounded person? Just a thought. Maybe a little too deep of a thought for a pseudo Monday.

+Wishing // I was on a beach somewhere. Toes in the water a** in the sand. No beer in my hand though, I don’t like beer unless it’s in beer bread.

+Daydreaming about // A girl crush. haha, just kidding. I have that song by that one band… you know… oh come… Little Big Town… that’s who. I had to think for a minute. I really like that song and no it’s not about lesbians. I’ve heard that way to many times. Really listen to the words, then you’ll figure it out… I’m not sure why that song is playing over and over and over and over in my head. It’s like the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going and going and you get the picture.

+Kicking myself in the shins for // Not being rich and famous. Although I’m not sure I want to be famous. Have you seen the tabloids? But truthfully… maybe I want to be so I can be on Dancing with the Stars. I so want to be on that show. I love to dance, but would love to learn ballroom and Latin dancing. It’s just a dream/goal of mine. Probably if I ever become famous, the show will go off the air just before then. Oh well…. have you seen the tabloids? Maybe best.

+Ordering // My new kitchen pans. Okay, maybe I’m not, but I’ve got them picked out, now all I need to do is get the money and bam, I’ll order them. They’re coming from Williams Sonoma. They’re beautiful. I guess until then I’ll use the nice set of kitchen pots and pans I already have.

+Planning // My next kitchen. Growing up, all I wanted was a kitchen. Is that sad. I kind of think it is every time I hear myself say that, but I just can’t help it. As a kid I used to have my own “kitchen” set up in my grandma’s basement. I had my own restaurant and served the absolute best water. My grandma was either a waitress or a hostess (she walked laps in her basement so she “played” along) and her name was Mertle. I guess if I ever have my own restaurant, I’ll call it Mertle’s. (no that wasn’t my grandma’s real name.)

+Having to // keep myself from falling off the bed. I have a 2 year old that is right next to me and pushing me off the edge even though the rest of the bed is completely open. Don’t let this fool you, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, although if you’d have asked me a couple years ago, I might have thought you were crazy saying I’d actually enjoy that.

+Ending // I’ve got a girl crush. Hopefully I can pass the song stuck in my head over to your head. You’re welcome. Peace out!

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