2015 // A Year In Review

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Wow, here we are, the last day of 2015. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m in turmoil if it was a good year or if it was a bad year. I’m going with good. There were some bad things I’d like to just brush over, but those are the things that work together to make you who you are, right?

So what did this year bring?
This year we started off January with a New Year’s Day Dive. I chickened out, but hubby dove in! Then it was time to celebrate Tbug’s birthday on the second day of the year, I guess that’s what you get when your birthday is the second day of January… We honored Veteran’s by presenting an opportunity for them to try Scuba diving. Baby girl turned 7 months old. I ended the month attending my Sister in law’s baby shower, our local dive shop went Platinum SCUBAPro dealer and forgetting to put sugar in a pan of brownies….

We celebrated my grandma’s birthday which happened to be the same day that my sister in law had her baby. Baby girl got to experience her first snow day. Hubby and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going out to dinner. We got a new puppy dog family member. And the baby girl turned 8 months old.

We experienced our first sick day. Spring started to show up and we got Abug a swing. All we wanted to do was go outside and swing. We went to a MO Guard play day. Finally we started having the baby horses arrive! And baby number 2. Dad, Tbug, Abug, and I went up to the Buffalo Sale. Baby girl turned 9 months old. And we ended the month by attending the Spring Gathering.

Easter! We had our last foal born for the year. We went and participated in the Trails for Kids ride. Baby girl turned 10 months old… holy cow!!! I went to a SW MO Blogger Meet up. And just like that, we were at the last week of Classes. The last day of the month was a good day to go attend a Chiefs Draft Party because, why not!

We taught Tbug how to count change back. I got to take finals.. woohooo! Hubby had a week long work trip to Chicago while I took finals. Then came Mother’s Day. Tbug got to go for a ride with a Miniature Horse team. After school was officially over, I spent a lot of my mornings riding horses! The baby girl turned 11 months old (be still my heart!). And then I spent the rest of my month at the lake (not totally by choice….).

We helped with the Children’s Scuba camp every Wednesday. Oh, and It rained and rained. And someone thought it might be fun to jump out of a truck in the rain at a stoplight to get a screw driver…. I don’t know who that was! Tbug got to attend the Underwater Safari Hunt and found a prize. Father’s Day! And I had the worst illness, I had an ear infection, bronchitis, and a sinus infection… all at once. OMG and you can’t forget the fact that baby squirrel girl turned a year old.

Dive Club Fourth of July Party. We went to a local baseball game for the minor league in town. My mom, Tbug, Abug, and I went for a Girl’s Day Out. We spent the summer going to the lake… a lot. But even with all the fun at the lake, we spent a lot of time baling hay and putting out a fire or two… And because of that, we decided to go attend the Farm Show!! The summer is also full of local, district and state fairs. Baby girl turned 13 months old. Oh… and I might have turned 32. My birthday present was to go watch Dancing with the Stars Live!

Hubby’s work took him to Texas for a couple days. But the best thing is we spent a week in Florida on a family vacation! Baby girl turned 14 months old. And school started back. My last fall semester of Grad school…. scary thought! I completed my first 365 Photo a day project.

My husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. Labor day was spent with friends riding horses and swimming! We took a trip to Mermet Springs for Scuba Diving. We attended the Denver Broncos KC Chiefs game. Tbug and I went to the Ride for Life (while hubby was stuck working). Abug turned 15 months old. Hubby and Jared started working on auction items for the Chili Cookoff.

I went to a farm show and was recognized by a blog reader (made my day!). We helped throw a surprise birthday party for Grady’s 60th Birthday. We celebrated my dad’s birthday. I went with the Missouri Women Bloggers on local Southwest Missouri Farm Tours. We did more hay on our place. We took Abug to a pumpkin patch. We went to the Underwater Pumpkin Carving and I carved a pumpkin underwater. Abug turned 16 months old. And then I entered a Chili contest and won 3rd place. This was also the month to take Comps which I sadly did not pass. We carved pumpkins and then dressed the girls up to celebrate Halloween.

We celebrated hubby’s birthday. I shot a set of engagement photos and got chased by a turkey… Hubby went for a Men’s Ride weekend. I got the results of my comps. Abug turned 17 months old. Then it was time to celebrate Thanksgiving. We decorated our Christmas tree. And we went to a Chiefs game in freezing weather while it poured rain.

Finals. I’m pretty sure I don’t remember much about this month except finals. By the way, I got all A’s and a 4.0 GPA for the semester!! Oh and wrapping presents. And a trip to Ft. Worth. Then all the sudden it was Christmas! Baby girl turned 18 months old, that’s a year and a half. Holy Cow! Oh and did I mention RAIN?

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