Hay Season 2014

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No, that 2014 wasn’t a mistake… I’m talking about last year… finally.

Last year’s hay season sucked. I’ve grown up on a farm and I know that farm life throws curve balls at you all the time. I guess if you add in the fact that going into haying season I was 9+ months pregnant and had hormones running through my body, well maybe that made it suck worse… but our hay season started out like this last year…

Now you might be looking at this picture and thinking… what’s so weird with that. Well, first off notice there is no driver… which means the tractor isn’t moving. If you caught on to that, good job :).

So the tractor broke down on our way from my parent’s house to my mother-in-law’s house where the mower was sitting. Like it died… dead… no more moving. I was supposed to meet my dad and hubby at my MIL’s house so when I get there, they call me and tell me to come meet them on the road and bring tools. Not a good sign.

They beat and twist and cuss and discuss and whatever it takes to try and get it to run and it was a no go. So we had to call a tow truck. Again, NOT. A. GOOD. SIGN.

While we were sitting on the side of the road broke down a friend went by and offered to haul the tractor on his trailer. Yup… funny… or not when you’re hot and tired and mad.

So the tow truck finally got there and hauled the tractor to our house so hubby could completely rebuild it.

And I wish I could say that went well but it didn’t. We wound up borrowing a tractor from a friend plus using my dad’s tractor. NOTHING and I mean nothing went right last summer.

Hubby took 2 weeks vacation from work to spend with his baby girl and we spent the whole time working on stupid tractors and in the hayfield.

And I love tractors and farm life but even remember last year just makes me want to cry. It sucked. We caught balers on fire (twice)… flattened tires on tractors (millions of times)… worked long hours on the tractor that one thing after another went wrong… The list goes on and on. At the end of the year, we wound up having to have the tractor picked up and taken elsewhere to be worked on.

Is it sad that the tractor sat in my carport so long that when it disappeared I didn’t notice because I was so sick of seeing the tractor that I started ignoring it? At that point, the only good thing the tractor was for was stopping the car and that happened before the baby was born.

So why bring up last year’s hay season? Because we’ve been having “fun” this year too :(. More on that to come. Oh and last year was so bad I only took these 3 pictures…

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