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May 7, 2015
Dang it, truth be told I never remember… I’m… 31
Friday Nights:
I’m not sure we’ve had a similar Friday night in a year.
There hasn’t been anything consistent with us for a while sadly.

Hair Style:
So it touches to the bottom side of my bra strap on my back :).
All highlights have grown out so what you see are natural
Long swoopy bangs off to the left side.
Typically parted to the left side.
I wear the sides pulled back a lot these days.
I have fluff growing back from where I lost it after having baby girl or where she’s pulled my hair out.
I’m getting more gray hairs :(.
Favorite place to dine out:
Zio’s {Chicken Parmesan}
or Longhorn
or Habineros
Favorite Outfit:
I pretty much only wear jeans these days.
And t-shirts.
I’m pretty sure that’s all I own that fits.

Love Life:
Our marriage is strong.
It has been interesting learning how to be parents together.

Home Life:
Our life is taking a different turn than we thought it would four (almost five) years ago when we got married.
I’m pretty sure it’s about to change again too.
TV shows:
 Who has time for that? ha!
Dancing with the Stars
Pioneer Woman
Grey’s Anatomy
The Middle
The Goldburgs
Friends reruns
Extra time:
Do I even have that right now?
What excites me:
 *Playing with my camera
*Spending time with my husband
*Spending time with baby girl
*Riding horses
*Tbug cooking with me
*Exercising (I know, right!?!?)
A moment I never want to forget:
OMG, there’s so much to add here!
First Thanksgiving.
First trip to Ft. Worth
First Christmas.
First New Years.
First Easter.
All baby girl’s firsts obviously.
Actually not totally feeling stressed at school, even though don’t be fooled, I’m stressed.

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