Project 365 – The Rest of November – 77-91

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Did you think I forgot the rest of November? I swear is seems like I either have a bunch to blog about or nothing and this just so happens to have fallen during one of those times I have a bunch to blog about. Oy! Okay so we’re getting caught up now!

77/365 – The Kansas City Chiefs Veterans Day Game. This flag was awesome! Oh and the game, it was pretty friggin awesome too! We beat Seattle Seahawks 24 to 20. Go Chiefs!

78/365 – The cat was longing to go outside… while I was longing to stay in bed today. It was a nice sunny day but dang it was cold outside! Summer, where did you go???

79/365 – I said that Abug wouldn’t use a pacifier… oh well I guess I ate crow. Crow doesn’t taste too bad, I should I know, I eat a lot of it…. lol

80/365 – Want to talk theory? I can talk theory! Marx, Freud, Feminism, Deconstruction, New Critic, Reader Response, etc… Yup, I can talk theory.

81/365 – I’m cute. That’s all

82/365 – Green Chile Enchilada Soup… Very yummy on a chilly evening!

83/365 – Enjoying some Memaw time

84/365 – Colonel didn’t feel well so he had a Vet visit today. Prognosis is he’ll be okay! That’s the good news!

85/365 – It’s okay to play with the kitty through the window. We’re not so sure about them without the glass between us…

86/365 – Okay Mom, you’re done with the homework. Let’s go play with the baby in the mirror! 

87/365 – Someone is 5 months old today… and someone else is tired (well maybe 3 someone’s… mommy, daddy and baby) because someone thought it would be fun to start cutting a tooth.

88/365 – Happy Thanksgiving! The only day when bathing in butter is A-OK!

89/365 – My girls are watching Christmas movies with me. They’re so dang addictive!

90/365 – We’re starting to feel Christmas around here! We decorated the tree this morning and it looks great. I’m going to go lay under it now for a long winter nap… or something like that. Although I really should be doing homework… eh, you win some you lose some.

91/365 – Red Coaters and their families signed a Chiefs flag in honor of Eric Berry 

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