Project 365 – 92-122 – {December}

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92/365 – Kicking my feet up and watching the CMA Christmas music special.

93/365 – Santa’s Little Helpers.

94/365 – A guilty pleasure after class tonight… Sometimes it happens…

95/365 – December dive club meeting. Merry Christmas, did you know Santa could Kayak? Pretty cool huh?!?!

96/365 – Lunch with my momma on her birthday! Happy Birthday MOM!!! We all love you!! Oh and this was a Philly Cheesesteak in case anyone wondered with a side of southern green beans… because why not? 

97/365 – Santa Baby!

98/365 – A little bonding through afternoon naps, it does the body good!

99/365 – My view most of today. If The Rape of the Lock doesn’t kill me, I’m not sure anything will… Hello Finals week. Hopefully I come out on the other side!

100/365 – Go Chiefs! And happy 100th photo to me. I’ve stuck with it 100 days… only 265 more to go!!

101/365 – Her sleeping position of choice. Every time I moved her she wound up right back in that position…

102/365 – What’s sexier than a cowboy holding a baby? My cowboy holding my baby!

103/365 – 5 1/2 months old, I’ve ridden a horse, been to 5 states and now ridden a Longhorn Steer.

104/365 – Someday when I grow up I’ll buy a horse listed in a book like this!! Come on Masters Degree! Lol 

105/365 – Got to meet and have breakfast with her Great Aunt Jan today at Ol South in Ft. Worth, TX before we headed home.

106/365 – Setting up for a fun Christmas photo shoot . Ah, I love this time of the year! Although this has been a trying year…

107/365 – Someone needed a nap before bed. She’s now seeing her picture on the computer and screeching at it 

108/365 – What do you say about the dog who uses your foot as a pillow? She’s smart. (because it beats a hard floor!!)

109/365 – I finally decided to wrap presents today. I’ve been putting it off… I just don’t want Christmas to come because it goes by so fast and I love this time of year. I guess I’ve been living in denial… It’ll come no matter what so I better be prepared.

110/365 – Shhhh, it’s nap time. We’ll get back to you in a bit. (p.s. thank you daddy, I like your pillow best!)

111/365 – Time for Christmas Cookies! Sugar Cookies. Check. Neiman-Marcus Cookies. Check. Cinnamon Roll Cookies. Check. Swirl Cookies. Check. Oh and a Ginger Bread House. Check.

112/365 – Isn’t this how you open a Christmas present?

113/365 – Dinner at Cheddars with AC and UB. Life is good! (and socks are overrated)

114/365 – The Kitty watches the baby from a distance… and the baby watches the kitty from a distance.

115/365 – Merry Christmas. Love Candlelight service! Now it’s time for bed so Santa will come!!

116/365 – Someone had the best haul this Christmas… this isn’t even half the toys she got.. plus clothes galore! Thank you family, friends and Santa! Merry Christmas!

117/365 – I’m 6 months old today. I’m quickly making my mommy feel OLD! I (momma) wish time would slow down anyway where this baby girl is concerned!

118/365 – Sugar Free and Low Calorie… hmmm… the real test… does it taste good? The answer… why yes, yes it does. Tastes like the real full calorie, full sugar thing!

119/365 – Leave me alone mom, I’m napping!

120/365 – Just for you Timmy. So glad you guys were able to come see us!! So I know you were here in October, but let’s not wait 4 years like we did prior to that… deal?

121/365 – two days in a row Tim made my 365 project… Does that mean the world will implode? Nah, but this is what happens when you give two grunts a knife and a turkey.

122/365 – Watching the clock strike 12am January 1, 2015 in Eastern standard time. Happy New Year East Coast

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