Review Extravaganza – October thru December

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Whew you gals are great.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s 2013 in review.  Can you believe we’re already at the end of the year?!?!  Wow, this fun link up is going about as fast as the year has.  Get your posts ready and link up below!

ReviewExtravaganza 2013FFF

All you need to do is write your post, link up and you’re on your way to winning wonderful prizes.  Plus this is a GREAT way to recap your year for all your new readers!  Two birds with one stone!  For a complete set of prizes/sponsors please click here. This week we’re linking up our second review of the year.  You have all month to go through the list of likes in the rafflecopter.

If you have any problems or questions, please let me know!

I started off the Month of October with the Sunshine Award given to me by the wonderful Jill from Jill’s World.

I shared with you Fashion Blogger Don’ts and a Now.  I soooo forgot that I did one of those currently posts.  Cool right?

I shared with you that I drive down the road and think and one day’s thoughts happened to be about that last first kiss.

We played with Snookums a lot more!

I introduced the kitty officially.

We went through things I learned while in school….

Hubby and I spent a week bouncing around on a tractor trying to get hay made for the cows for winter.

and this just so happens to be the month we found out I was pregnant.  We weren’t sure at first, but hubby thought he knew right away, especially after the fit I threw at the tractor.

We decorated for Halloween.

The family headed to Kansas City to go see Wicked.

The next day hubby and I got to go to a KC Chiefs game.

My husband got me through a rough time.

I ended the month participating in Emmy Mom’s 10 Things to Smile About October.

Hubby’s Birthday starts off November for us.

I proved that it was okay to start thinking about Christmas in November because we went to help raise money for the Newton County Children’s Christmas.

Moo honored hubby for Veteran’s Day at her school.

Princess Rio was caught up on our roof... more than once….

Mom and dad got a new puppy.

Zebra Girl taught us about Bob.

Hubby tried to go hunting… tried being the keyword.  He’s lucky he didn’t get sprayed by skunks!

I attempted to draw the US in the correct places… I got close…  I just want you to know it’s all Kenzie’s Fault!

We ended the month with Thanksgiving.

In December I finally came clean to all of you my secret.  I didn’t even tell my facebook friends/family until Christmas Day….

I Participated in Emmymom’s 10 Things to Smile about November (the first part of December, it’s all good.)

We reviewed January through March.

I elfed my family….

For the first time I participated in Kenzie & Scriptor’s We Want to Know Wednesday.

We reviewed April through June.

I took Finals which caused me to hit a writer’s slump.

We took our annual trip to Ft. Worth!!!  I still need to recap this!

We reviewed July through September.

I had a really bad/tough week.  A good thing that came out of my bad week was I got to hear the babies heart beat again.  I video’ed it.  Yup, I’m that gal 🙂

And then we had Christmas.  Sadly there is a little more to go for the month of December but hey, stick around for the fun ride!  I see a few things in my future 🙂

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