One last 4th Post

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The way this year fell, we hit a lot of 4th of July parties.  It was a great year, especially celebrating this grand ol’ country we live in.

Sadie was hoping she’d get something so she had no problem hanging out with SH

Smoke Bombs

I promise they were being supervised!


Walter – The mean killer dog… lol

And watch out for Andrew!

What can I say, we’ve decided that we know how to eat right?!?!  Earl and I thought these might be good in smores because you’d also get the caramelized sugars.

What’s a 4th party without some Nascar?  Oh, and we eventually turned it to baseball…

Hi CH.  How ya doin?

And then it was on, mommas vs kiddos in badmitton. 

Finally once the sun went down, it was time to start the show.

I had lots of great chances this year to shoot fireworks.  Loved it.  Happy Independence day United States of America!!!

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  1. Yeah surprising we had a lot of celebrating too. More the better right?! Good food and booze – I'll take it.

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