Calling All English Majors

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I think I get props for being an over-achiever!! 

Last night, I made our Christmas card.  What can I say, I guess I have no life sometimes.  I should have been running, however hubby was a little on the sick side, so he wasn’t feeling up to it and I didn’t want to get a day ahead of him.

So I worked on our Christmas card.

I brought it to work and showed a few people, and had someone tell me I wrote it wrong.

So tell me, if I put Love and a last name, doesn’t it get an apostrophe s at the end? 

like for example:

Love the Jones’

Love the Smith’s

 Love the Arbunkle’s

 etc etc…  I asked my parents who are very good at grammar and they told me yes, it does have the apostrophe… Anywhoooooo

Did you notice I also changed the header of the old blog here?  I have never used picasa until last night, but I really think I like it… although it was a new learning curve which threw me for a loop and made me a tad grumpy.  Oh btw, that’s where I made my Christmas card too.

Happy Wednesday!

0 thoughts on “Calling All English Majors

  1. I would never correct anyone for this because I see it done this way all the time. I used to do it to until I got it pointed out to me. Apostrophe s means possession. The Jones's kids for example. I also learned in English that proper names ending in s should still have the apostrophe and the s but there are two schools of thought on that supported separately by the editors the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Anyway, I guess technically for your use, it would be just an s on the end or an es if name ends in s to denote plural since there are more than one of you. Still, I think people are overly critical sometimes. 🙂

  2. I worry about this every year on our xmas cards too – I see it all different ways when I receive them – but I normally just change it up to say Love The Dunn Family – and avoid it all together. LOL

    I love the new header on the blog – you did a great job!

  3. I would think no, since you are not owning anything. I have seen people do it, but I never really thought about it. I don't think I put an apostrophe when I do.

  4. Nope no apostrophe nessecary due to the above mentioned…. no ownership involved.

    Diggin' the new header! Total cuteness!

  5. Yep- no apostrophe needed in that case.

    I love your new header looks great! And great job on the Christmas cards- you will be glad you have those done

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