Safari Hunt

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Ever been on a Safari hunt?  I haven’t, but I really want to, especially this type.  Read and find out!

The morning began with certifying a scuba diver.  D the Man worked with him and he was certified.  Then he was qualified for the Safari hunt.

The Safari hunt didn’t actually start until 1pm, however some of the divers were getting in the water earlier in the morning, partially because they wanted too and partially to see if they could scope out where the animals were.  However all divers were called out of the waters at noon, Grady and D the man went down to hide the animals and John went down to create a diversion.

AL & JT wanted to take Zebra girl out and do a refresher course with her just to make sure she remembered everything since it had been a while since she had scuba dived.  Hubby volunteered to help her carry her tank down the steep hill.

And trust me, if anything was needed at the lake, it was the sunscreen!

Moo grabbed Waldy’s wet suit and “suited up” so she’d fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Here is the collection of Safari animals that the diver’s were hunting for.  Each animal had a number.  That is how they decided who would win what prize.

JT was playing with Leo (sometime I should tell you his whole name, but someone will have to tell it to me again and again so I can get it typed out.  Yup, it’s that long).  We found out Leo doesn’t like the water so much.  He also doesn’t like being ignored and if Dani is anywhere within sight, Leo wants his momma.  (Dani is a human momma)

At 1pm, everyone entered the water and here they go.

While the adults were out on their Safari hunt, the kids were having a ring hunt of their own.  Earl went around dropping rings for the kids to find.  I was volunteered to take photos of the hunt.

Once each kid got their ring they won a prize.  The prizes ranged from a fishing game to water guns to goggles and I’m sure there were other things as well.

Each kid had a ring waiting for them and each kiddo was entitled to one ring.

A great hat for the occasion.

Once the divers headed out, hubby went to grilling the hot dogs.  Lunch was provided for everyone involved.

Lunch consisted of Hot dogs with mustard, ketchup &/or relish, chips and cookies for dessert, plus there was lots of bottled water.


And sadly there were even a couple party fowls.

ZebraGirl was on the hunt and she got a prized animal.

Because she got her animal, she actually wound up with this nice water camera that will go 200 feet under water.  I kept telling her that she won it for me for my birthday but silly girl wouldn’t buy it.

Extreme Sports Scuba is also involved with Kayak’s so they brought their Kayak’s down for us all to try.  Let me tell you how much fun this was!

I’m pretty sure that TB is planning on saving his money up to buy his own.  Then we’ll all just steal it :)… but shhhhh don’t tell him… lol

Now Diver Girl has a Diveyak which is actually used by Diver’s to go out into the middle of the lake to dive.  It’s also known to us as the “babysitter”.  Here Earl and AL took it out.

JT wound up taking my underwater camera down to get pictures of what we’d be seeing if we were certified to scuba dive.  In this particular cove there are four boats, some statues, 2-3 gardens that Diver Girl and AL have planted, a boat dock and many other things.  When they find old things (don’t ask me how, I didn’t ask) they sink them so that they have things to check out while underwater.  Oh and let’s not forget the fish.  I guess you can take hotdogs down with you and actually feed the fish out of your hands…. how nuts is that?

There were a few animals that weren’t found during the 45 minutes of the Safari Hunt and when JT went down, he actually found one of the lions.  They named the Lion Leo, just like the dog.  I told them I was a Leo, as in my zodiac sign.

Poor Leo the dog, Dani took him out on the Kayak with her.  Leo wasn’t really enjoying it much….

Especially when they’d dump him in the water and let him swim.  I think they said he’s about 12 weeks old…. something like that.  He really wanted to be with Momma but at times, JT was closer so he’d climb up on top of his shoulders.

At the end of a hard day, we had a few tired little ones.  This cutie here actually fell asleep in her chair eating chips.  Her mom told me that at one point she even had the chip still in her hand.  I didn’t get to see that though, but I’ll bet it was sure darn cute!

Zebra Girl really wanted one of these animals (I forget which one) and her grandma bartered for it.  Plus she has the one she won and the one her daddy found later.  It’s her whole collection.

They also had a drawing.  Hubby won a hat and I won a mask strap.  My mask strap is pink which you absolutely can not tell in this photo.

And that, is only part of our Saturday….. Stay tuned for the rest of it!

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  1. You just reminded me of something I have on my summer bucket list – go KAYAKING!! I really want to try it, it looks like so much fun! So does scuba diving, but I don't think I'll get around to that one… lol!

    Looks like such a fun time for everyone 🙂

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