Pool, Friends, Food, Running, what more could you ask for?

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Sunday Night Dinner took a spin this weekend by moving to our house.  It was pool party night.  Now if you look at our pool in these photos, it looks cloudy.  We got our cover on late last year so we got a bunch of acorns and leaves in the bottom.  Heck we even found a patio chair in the bottom of the pool.  Yeah cool huh?  Along with that we found a Red Solo Cup so we claimed that someone was drinking in the bottom of the pool… lol.

Anyway, one of the awesome things about the group of friends we have, is there are certified Scuba Divers in the group, so that means, when hubby asked JT to come over and help clean the pool, they actually used scuba gear to get to the bottom of the pool.  I love my group of friends.  We may be friends, but we’re more like family!

While hubby and JT were cleaning, Moo and Waldy were having fun swimming.  This is quite the feat for Moo.  We’ve been working with her every year on swimming.  By the end of the night we had her jumping off the diving board with noodles and swimming to the deep end along the side of the wall without the life jacket! Woot!

Waldy is grounded from the diving board, so he was jumping off the side into the deep end.

Can you tell where the 2 scuba divers are?

And then JT accidentally came up under hubby.  It was quite comical.

We usually call dinner at 5, but we don’t usually eat until closer to 6.  While we were finishing up the food, Pokey went into the office and was using hubby’s reloading equipment.

Faye & Uncle B brought pizza.  That was used as the appetizer and I actually didn’t even get any of it.  I know there was pepperoni but from there, I couldn’t tell you what were in either box really.

JT brought French Onion Dip and a few different types of chips.

Hubby & I smoked some Pork Tenderloin.

Diver Girl brought baked Beans.

Mr T brought Linguini with Chicken

And 2 kinds of Potato Salad – Red at the request of Earl, heck yeah!  It’s the best

And the Mustard based type.

No one knew of any dessert that was coming so I whipped up a quick batch of brownies.  {Recipe soon to follow}

Monkey got a new life vest to swim with.  Her daddy put her off into the deep end but she hated it because the water was soooooo cold.  Which we’re on well water so that makes our water quite a bit chillier anyway, then we had to pump more in after hubby and JT were cleaning on the pool.  Finally Monkey got Uncle B to jump in.  Later, Mr. T got in with the scuba gear and the meter read that it was 67 degrees in the pool.  Brrrrr!

We were all discussing the C25K event again and around 8pm, we all decided that we’d run home, get running clothes and meet back up at the Lake and walk/run – train for the C25K and so that’s exactly what we did.

It was a nice, balmy 72 degrees outside.

And we’re off.  The lake was extra crowded this weekend because of the kids fishing day, normally it isn’t quite so crowded, but this picture is mainly us.

See, you just never know what this crazy bunch of people will get into next 🙂  Hang on and enjoy the ride is all I can tell you!

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  1. You guys just have too much fun! Love that the guys used scuba diving gear to clean the pool out – and I am pretty envious you have a pool! We have a little blow up kiddie pool 😀 Ha ha!
    All of that food looks delicious!

  2. I love that you guys all teamed up and went walking/jogging together! Awesome group of friends you have. Looks like a super-fun Sunday to me!

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