GMO & Educating yourself

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Today’s prompt:  Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like.

Ok first off, who knows what GMO stands for?  If you don’t, let me tell you, Genetically Modified Organism.  So lately (like I even remember it in college back in 2001-2005) there has been a lot of talk about GMO and what it’s doing for your food and for our population/economy/general overall health.  So I read this article just this week. What you need to know about Monsanto and GMO food.  I love what Leah is saying.  She’s not trying to make you go Pro GMO or None GMO, what she’s saying is to educate yourself.

Just like with any study, depending on who is conducting the study, you can sway the results to go the way you want them to go.  So you definitely need to find a reliable source.  Just like they say that you can google a symptom you have and think whatever it is, maybe as little as a cut will kill you if you don’t go to a reliable source.  And even then you’ll usually need to go to a doctor who knows how to diagnose completely.  So just make sure you know where your source is coming from.  Make sure they aren’t trying to sway it one way or the other.  And make sure you are educated thoroughly on what you’re looking in to.

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  1. Yeah everyone will have a different take on it me I am not that knowledgeable about genetically modified anything……..but I know I am not really that fond of people messing with my food stuff

  2. Very well said! As a psychology major we had to take some statics classes and yea, so easy to manipulate data.

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