PMM – I Want To Drive

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One of the perks of living in the country is you generally tend to have a longer driveway.  Our current driveway is 1/10th of a mile long.  That’s actually pretty good.  Just think 5 laps up and back is a mile. Yes, I’m a nerd, yes I clocked the length on my car odometer… moving on!

So one day last year I pulled into the driveway when Tbug was with me.  I put the car in park and told her to get out and come here.  At first she thought I was going to make her walk to the house, ha! but I didn’t.  I put her in my lap and let her “drive” down the driveway.  Of course it was hubby’s Tucson he had so he asked her who let her drive.  Anyway…  So there are a lot of times I allow her to drive down our driveway.  She’s getting good at making the curves and not hitting anything, YEY!  Now usually I’m running the gas/brake.  But there have been a few times that she’s backed my car out of its parking space so we can do something.  Usually someone sits in the passenger seat with our hand on the E-brake so if it gets away from her we can stop it.

Anyway… all of this was pre-curser to telling you this story.

Sunday Tbug got to come to our house on an off weekend.  We were out working with the horses and my dad took his truck out to the round pen.  Around lunchtime we all decided we were hungry and mom decided we should go to town.  When dad went out to get his truck, Tbug went with him and drove it over to the house, sitting on his lap.

We left and went to lunch, yada yada.  Once we headed back to my parents’ house Tbug started asking grandpa if she could drive down the driveway.  Grandma was giving Tbug fits saying that she’d have to get out and walk if grandpa let her, etc.  So this got Tbug to yacking away about, well honestly I don’t know what she was talking about.

So dad (grandpa) got to the driveway and Tbug is still just yammering away about something.  Dad slowly creeped in the the driveway, mom is looking at dad, hubby and I are staring at dad through the rear view mirror, we’re all just looking like….. um…. are you going to let Tbug drive.  Then all at once Tbug quit talking and sat there.

Finally hubby said, “She never even noticed.” and dad still slowly moving then all at once Tbug yell’s
“OH GOSH!”  Hubby and I were in the backseat so we couldn’t see her face, mom said it was hilarious but we were all cracking up at the Oh Gosh comment.  Just then she realized that we were in the driveway and she wasn’t driving.  Dad stopped and she crawled over into his lap to drive up the driveway. 

0 thoughts on “PMM – I Want To Drive

  1. Makes me think of that Alan Jackson song, I'm singing in my head, “When Daddy let me driiiiiiive!” 😉

  2. Lol! Yes, once kids get something on their mind and are talking about something they are often in the zone and will miss everything around them.

    too funny, thanks for linking up!

  3. My daddy and grandpa used to let me drive in their laps, and by the time I was in middle school, I already knew how to drive! My brother even taught me to drive stick when I was 14, but I forgot and had to relearn it this year.

  4. Haha! Looks like Tbug already had her first driving experience. Haha! She, really, is that eager to drive, eh? Well, time flies so fast, and she’ll be a young adult soon. She can then take driving lessons if she’s at the right age, and then, she’ll be the one to drive and take you guys to different, amazing places. =)

    Marvis Carswell

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