It’s the Little Things in Life

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Have you noticed how it’s the little things in life that are forgotten?  Why just yesterday my husband reminded me that I used to call him Goob Goob.  I seriously had forgotten that, and it really makes me sad!  btw, I think he kind of got the name based off the movie Night at the Museum when the statue said, “Dumb Dumb you bring me Gum Gum.”  Obviously my husband isn’t a dumb dumb, but I started out calling him Goober then Goob then Goob Goob.

So in that thought there, think about the average, normal, everyday things that you do, that probably go unnoticed or missed.  When I get in my car, I put on my Sunnies (unless it’s dark or not bright).  When I get out of my car, I take them off.  So in habit, when I get in my car in my glasses (few and far between) when I go to get out I take off my glasses realizing that didn’t work out so well.

I mention all of this because if you think about it, back even 20 years ago people didn’t even take photos like they do nowdays.  Cell phones were only something you saw on The Jetson’s.  And those big ole bag phones and car phones didn’t even begin to think of having camera’s on them.  Film wasn’t expensive, but it wasn’t cheap.  You had to then either send it off to develop or they eventually came up with 1-hr which was a little pricier.  And what about that roll of film that you took 10 pictures on, it had 25 exposures, so you had to sit and wait…

I get teased constantly about the photos I take.  Yesterday I asked if anyone had any idea how many shutter releases my camera had on it.  In the less than 2 years I’ve owned it (2 years this October), I’ve taken 26,626 as of 8pm Wednesday night.

So then comes the ever popular question…

If you spend so much time taking photos, do you miss out on life itself?

or the other phrase I’ve heard is,

If you take so many photos, your brain doesn’t actually process it and it won’t be stored there.

I am a blogger.  I use my blog as a sort of scrapbook/journal.  {I want to be a published writer someday.  We’ll see.}  Some may even say I write a bunch of crap, I guess to each their own.  I am a wife, a {step}mother, a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, a believer/follower of God.  And I also like pictures.  I like taking pictures.  I want to take better pictures.  I aspire to be a photographer; maybe someday, I’m not sure.  But if I’m not, I still want to take better photos for my kids, grandkids, great grandkids.  I want them to know me.  And maybe my everyday quirks.  btw, I have a bunch of them, just ask Goob Goob.

Sometimes I take some real random, abstract, obscure photos… it happens.  Sometimes photos aren’t perfect.  It happens, plus there’s always the delete key.  I’m just saying,

Taken with iPhone app MarbleCam that Janna talked about…

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