Stocking Your Kitchen Part 1

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Let’s get started…

The first thing that EVERY kitchen needs is a refrigerator. I don’t care if you never cook, a fridge is still your best friend! If nothing else it keeps your drinks cold :).

Now one that I’ve found handy lately is a toaster oven.  This thing saved our butt last year at Thanksgiving time making everything come out right on time!

Now my favorite thing is the dishwasher!

Obviously if you can’t have an electric dishwasher though, this works out handy too 🙂

Then we have a stove/oven. How handy is this. It cooks things, it boils water, it makes grilled cheese sandwiches, it bakes cookies, whatever :).

Our toaster doesn’t get much of a workout, but when it does, it’s super handy to have!

OMG the Kitchenaid. How awesome is this? I love it! Not necessary but it’s very nice!

Now, a coffee pot was actually something we bought, just cause. Neither of us drank coffee, however now we do and it gets a workout. It’s neither here nor there needed, but it’s a very nice addition.

Microwaves. What more do I need to say here?

Now this is kind of an interesting thing. It works. It helps. Dinner is ready when you get home. How nice is that!?!?

Ok so these are some of my “big” appliances 🙂

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