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Poor Joey.  Do you guys remember Joey?

He is our family Llama.    He’s the second llama my family has had.

Llamas are good protector animals for our critters.  I’ve heard of them spitting, the only time I’ve ever seen Joey spit though was at the sheep at feeding time when they ate his food :).

Well a year ago we sold off all but 5 of my sheep, a ram and 4 ewes.  The ram now runs with the cows.  And all 4 ewes died for different reasons.  The last of the ewes to die had 2 lambs.  Joey has been with those lambs since the day they were born.

And when their momma died, he became pseudo-momma.  But today, those lambs were headed off to the sale barn.

Dad said this morning Joey wouldn’t eat and he was making noises that dad has never heard before.

It breaks our heart.  Dad is going to move him out with the cows & the ram so he’ll still have one sheep.  Plus dad is either going to try and buy another llama for Joey to run with or else a ewe for Joey & the ram.  But poor Joey!  Last year when we sold off the flock he was heart broken, and we did it to him again.

Boy are we mean or what :(.

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