The Amazing Tale of a Wonderful Woman's Secrets Hidden in our Office

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Do you know what a relief it is to not have to go to class on a Monday night?  To come home at a decent hour, get to go out and enjoy a nice walk with your husband and your pooches.  I think I kind of almost forgot what that felt like on a Monday night.  Sure I was home on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and every other Friday’s, but then I was studying and reading and fretting.  This was nice and relaxed!  I’m not going to lie, I might be in love with Monday evenings…

Last night I was walking around the house, catching up on Dancing with the Stars, Two and a Half Men, a few blogs, just whatever popped into my head to do at the time.  For some reason I walked into our office and grabbed a recipe book off my shelf.  When I walked back to place it back on the shelf (shocker I know) I saw a notebook I wasn’t sure I recognized.

I pulled it off the shelf and walked into the living room trying to remember what this notebook was.

And all the sudden I had a feeling I knew what it was.

My Grandma S loved recipes.  She hated to cook but she loved recipes and she loved to eat even more.  She never allowed me to say food was nasty.  I could not like it, but food was never to be referred to as “nasty”.  That was just a horrible word.

She passed away on 9/11/07 {Cancer took her life, mean old ugly cancer}.  Mom got things, AC got things, but I, I got all her cookbooks.  Unfortunately at the time I was still living at home, didn’t have a kitchen of my own, and the books have been misplaced.

I have been searching for her cookbooks for years now.  Every so often I still search my parents house.  It’s not that the house is so cluttered or so large, but for some reason I keep passing over the box that was her cookbooks.  A few made their way into my recipe book collection but not all.

But I forgot about this particular book.  It’s her handwriting.  Something I love!  And someday with the way the world is going, our grandkids won’t be able to read her handwriting (schools around here have quit teaching cursive, which is all I write in).

And this recipe.  This recipe almost brought tears to my eyes.  She loved Green Goddess Dressing.  I’m not sure what it is, but a restaurant around here served, in her opinion, some of the best.  She asked me to make her Green Goddess dressing sometime.  Unfortunately I can’t remember if this was while she was sick and I was supposed to make it when she got better or it was something she asked me to do that I never got around to.  Either way, seeing this and a few other recipes for Green Goddess Dressing made me cry.

I was so happy to find this book.  I’m ready to go put it in our safe because I’m scared of losing it.  She was a huge part of my life (as all my grandparents were) and as the days, months and years pass by, I’m starting to lose the memory of her calling and leaving voicemails for me on our answering machine.

So I was extremely excited to find this book sitting among some of my cookbooks.  Yup, I might just be in love with Monday nights.

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  1. Wow – how awesome that you just came across it! What a treasure for sure.

    I think it's crazy about the non-teaching of cursive!!! I for sure will make sure my kids can read and write in cursive.

  2. I treasure, for sure…I got a lot of my grandma's cook books and recipes too, and I love just flipping through them to see her writing, and the little notes she'd make beside recipes she liked or didn't like. Miss her so much!!

    I've never heard of “green goddess” dressing…you'll have to try it and do a post over at Cheese In My Macaroni!! 🙂

  3. *hugs* ♥

    I find it so… sad… that they are not teaching cursive in a lot of schools around the country. There are still things that need to be done in cursive.

    It's been a long time since I heard of Green Goddess dressing.
    I hope you will share your Grandmother's recipe with us. I can't quite read it all there.

    Have a blessed day. ♥

  4. Awwwww! What a precious thing to have! I'm all about those sentimental things, in a big way.

    What?? They're not teaching cursive in school? I'm glad Princess Nagger's school didn't get the memo – she's been having a blast learning cursive, and prefers it (some days) to printing. Except when she has to write her spelling words three times in cursive…then the enthusiasm is gone. 😉

    Field Trip Fun-ish, Future Nagging Guest Blogger, Angry Birds Take On Stonehenge

  5. That is awesome! My grandmother gave me her secret pound cake recipe and I keep it locked away with our most important documents!! Such treasures.

  6. Awww….how cool is that? I love that you rediscovered her cookbook. I need to see if my grandma has her recipe's written down somewhere. She is an excellent cook! So was my grandpa. Too bad he's gone now.

    What a sweet post! Thanks for linking up yesterday. Sorry I'm late making the rounds!

  7. What an awesome treasure! And yes, how are kids going to sign their names if they aren't taught cursive?

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