Stressed out

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Have you ever noticed that when you get a little stressed you, you get tired too?  No?  Is that just me?  We’re coming upon the end of the semester and it’s crunch time.  I can’t say I remember this so much from my first time through college, but I wasn’t working 40 hours a week, married, have a house and going to school.  Nope, I think I was living high and free :).  And no not the high you get from drugs, just clarifying!

So last night being Tuesday night = no class.  Yey!

Well I had to stop and get fuel for my car.  So here’s how the story plays out:

Low fuel light, you are not my friend!

I pulled into the gas station.  Put my car in park and shut it off.  Grabbed my cell phone {to record my fuel/mileage, etc}.  Got into my purse, grabbed my card, hit the button to pop open the gas tank door.

All seems fine and dandy right now so far right?

So I walk over, open the gas tank door, open the fuel cap.  This is my normal order and then usually I put my card in the pump, but last night…

I tried to stick my credit card in the gas tank.

Now, I know my car eats my money, but not that way.  I just busted up laughing my head off while standing at the fuel pump.  I’m sure people around me wondered what was up.

ah, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at.  Only 2 more weeks {after this one} and school is over until the fall!  Come on end of semester!


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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! That story made my morning! Poor you! You must be so tired! Have a great wednesday! xo

  2. That is hilarious!! I would so do that when I was tired! I swear…I don't know how or why our brains go SO crazy when we are tired/stressed.

  3. Hahaha, you sound like me!! I started to put my coffee back in the fridge this morning instead of the creamer!!

  4. Hahaha!! That is hilarious! I always feel so silly when I do stuff like that…and then I end up busting out laughing!!

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