Destressing Your Life – Guest Post

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Hey Guys.  We’re on finals week. {pray for me please}  This has been a pretty stressful semester, so after my final today I took the rest of the week off for some rest and relaxation!  I’ve asked a sweet group of gals to help me out and write blog posts for this week, and to start things off is the beautiful Janna from Perception is Everything.  I hope you make her feel welcome and definitely check her blog out!and by the way, I wrote Lindsay a guest post while she’s on her honeymoon, please check that out 🙂

Hi Y’all!I am happily visiting from Perception Is Everything, and it is very nice to meet you!

Since Nicole is going from a stressful beginning of the week (finals…bleh), to a much deserved vacation, I will share my de-stressing tips!

First, you must handle stress as it comes, and I’m talking from the inside out.
When I know I am going to be stressed I take all my usual Vitamins and Supplements, PLUS extra Vitamin C. The last thing you need is to get sick during or after your stress.  I would tell you what I take, but you need to take what’s right for YOUR body. If you would like to know what I take feel free to PM me 😉 I do advocate Fish Oil, though. It REALLY helps when I am stressed.
To really feel good from the inside out, you need to feed your body with GOOD fuel. Fried food is only going to make you sluggish and blah, so max out your vegetables and fruits, eat the proper amount of carbs, have an adequate amount of protein, watch your sodium intake, and also cut out sugar.  I’m not saying to cut out everything, because you will shock your system, but if you can at least cut out fried food and simple sugar- you will feel great and not have to survive on energy drinks and coffee.  I drink coffee in the morning, but other than that I ONLY drink water and fresh tea.
I know you are all thinking I’m crazy right now, but I am living proof that this works.  I have NEVER felt better in my life.  I love that I rarely get sick, I’m never over tired, and I’ve LOST WEIGHT without even trying…I bet I got your attention with that one!
Secondly, and probably the most obvious, DON’T Procrastinate!
I know this sounds easier said than done, but I got so tired of being stressed in college, that I actually started getting my stuff done early.  I won’t harp on it, because you won’t do it until you decide to make a change in yourself, but like making healthy choices- it will change your life.

Source: via Janna on Pinterest
Third, Take a breath….
When you are in the middle of the stress and feel like the world is pressing in on you, take a walk, breathe in deeply, make yourself a schedule, divide your tasks, and maybe even ask for help.  Sometimes regrouping will give you a new perspective and show you that it’s not as bad as you think.
I always forget to ask for help, but sometimes bouncing ideas off someone, asking for help printing your work, or even having someone pick you up food or coffee will help. I’m sure you do a lot for your friends and family, so cash in on that!Fourth, Get perspective. 

I will let you in on a little secret. When I used to get stressed- I would write down why I was stressed and then why I shouldn’t be stressed.  I find that the mind plays tricks on you, but if you physically write it down you can see where you are really at and not the monsters that your mind is creating.With practice, you will be able to do this without even writing it down.

New perspective? Voila!


Nothing will de-stress you like actually completing your tasks and conquering your stress.Oh, and if you drink- a few margaritas might help!

I’m sure Nicole will be having a few cocktails while on vacation. #knowwhatimsayin

It is much deserved Hun, so have a blast!


Thank you Janna!  Isn’t she great?  Make sure you check out her blog.  Happy Monday!

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