What happens when…..

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Over the weekend hubby and my dad worked on the tractor and then drove it to my MIL’s house so they could knock down some annoying trees and actually get the field ready for bailing.

Do you know what keeps you from being able to brush hog?
This isn’t a trick question…
Answer: Flat Tire.

And I got tickled because the brushhog has enough dirt (I’m sorry Dr. Fuqua, I know that’s a dirty four letter word) errrr Soil on it to grow grass.

You can sure tell it’s spring around here.  Although it really didn’t spring early… We usually start looking like this in March anyway, although we have had above normal temps this month.  I just hope we don’t get an April or May freeze that kills my Cherries again this year.  Maybe I should invest in an electric blanket for my tree, what do you think?

And look at the widdle baby calves.  {and widdle is little :)}

Marlie was excited because she got to go for a ride.

She sure loves her rides.

And when she stands like this her lips flap in the wind.  It’s cute!  She’s doing ok since Audrey went missing, but the first few days she was a pretty upset gal.

Don’t worry, we weren’t breaking any rules.  But it was caused due to the week of rain.  But where did the rain go?  People really shouldn’t have complained because they chased it away!

There is a pond on either side of the road.  When it rains a lot the ditches are shallow and the ponds meet up across the road.

I’ve never seen it completely over the road, but when I know it has flooded, well we don’t go this way….

At least one side of the truck go cleaned 🙂

And don’t worry about Marlie.  She went to the other side of the truck and stayed dry.

Although I bet she wondered if she would for a few minutes….

Once we got home I went to look at my pretty flowers.  Aren’t they gorgeous!

These photos are all straight out of the camera.  I haven’t had time this week to tweak any of them…

My flower garden smelled pretty sweet too!

I’m actually surprised these guys are still hanging around.  They usually disappear before the others start blooming.

Marlie had to come help of course 🙂

And look at this dude!  I love spring!

Then Marlie decided to leave me and go get some lovins.

She sure loves her lovins.

And you’ll notice Tbug’s arm/hand.  Yeah she broke the growth plate doing a back hand spring in Cheer.  She can’t lift, push or pull for 4-6 weeks.  If I remember right we’re like on week 2 or 3 now.  But her last Cheer competition which is this weekend, she can only dance. 

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