My Dearest Love

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You have no idea how happy I am that God brought us back together. We drifted apart, but partially I think we both had to go make our “mark” on the world. You left yours on a wall in Afghanistan and I wrote mine in the beaches in Costa Rica. We took very different paths from each other but it’s so strange how we wound up back together.

I know there are times when the “what if’s” in life fall into our heads or pangs of jealousy even take over (yes I said it), but at the same time we’re strong as individuals but we’re stronger as a team. Never let those things rule our lives and I’ll try my best too. Sometimes I fall and I need you to help pick me up and guide me back on path, and I believe it’s ok to ask for help. Can’t maybe died in the corn patch, but needing help sure didn’t!

I love you more now than the day you proposed to me. And we’ve had our struggles as every married couple does, but let’s stay on track with each other by our side!



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