The Newlywed Game

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1) What do you think my best quality is?

Me: Your Sense of Humor and the way you can talk me down when I’m upset.
Him: You are caring and that you love me.

2) What would be your ideal date with me?

Me:  You know me, I’m a low key girl.  Spending the evening with you, snuggling and watching a movie and forgetting life’s problems would work just fine for me!
Him: Dinner out then movies at home.
3) What was your first impression of me? 
Me:  If we’re going back to high school…. I’m sure it was wow he’s weird and sleeps a lot… but he’s kinda cute.  If we’re talking about the day of our first date 10 years later…. This surely can’t be the boy I liked in high school, although he still is cute!
Him: Wow she’s more gorgeous than I remember.
4) What is your favorite memory of us?
Me:  flying to Chicago on our Honeymoon, our first trip alone or last December when we found out we won that horse breeding and were jumping up and down screaming in our kitchen. 
Him: You giggling at me through our entire wedding.

5) What do you see for us in the future?

Me:  Right now our future seems so uncertain that it scares me and I’m not sure where I see us.  I do know that wherever we are we’re battling whatever life throws our direction one step at a time hand in hand!
Him: Many years of Love & Happiness.

Well as you can tell {if you didn’t already know} I’m the wordier of the two of us, but he is the socialite compared to me!

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  1. fun, asked hubby if he wanted to do this , he just smiled and wandered off .Finally agreed to try answers were,
    1. my charm
    2.moonlight trail ride
    3.that I was fun
    4. camping just he and I ,on a bush quarter along a river
    5. the phone rang and he wont answer!

  2. Awww, I love his favorite memory of y'all! So sweet! Y'all are precious.

    Thanks for linking up with us!!

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