Learn from our "MISTAKES"!

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So as you know we have recently had an issue with the hard drive containing all of our precious photo’s.

I would like to share with you some solutions to avoid making the same mistake we did. I had been looking in to a back up solution for quite a while, being an IT guy I am very picky about hardware and I was looking for something specific. I found it about a week before the catastrophe but we didn’t get everything copied over in time.

My suggestion

  • use a external hard drive that has built in mirroring also called RAID-1 this allows 1 hard drive to go bad and you can replace it and not loose any data. LaCie makes several of these. 
  • I would also suggest that this be a desktop unit placed so that it cannot fall off of the desk.  If you want to take pictures with you copy them to a smaller drive and take them with you, this will ensure that there will be no loss that is out of your control (IE: bumped and knocked off of a desk causing the internal parts to jolt.) 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will try to answer them.  Some of these options are a little expensive but if you value your photos as much as we do it is really worth it.


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  1. Glad you saved most of them! We have an external hard drive that doesn't really work on our Windows 7 PC. If you plug it in and boot the computer it takes forever to boot and then the hard drive will work; however, if you just plug it in while the computer is up it won't work. Weird.

  2. My computer crashed a few years ago,but luckily my IT guy was able to save my data and photos, after that I got a “passport” and save everything to it

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