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I have learned through my years of living on the farm to be “flexible”.  You can’t make hard, concrete, in stone plans… life just doesn’t work that way.  You have to be flexible.  Heck, planning my wedding, I HATED having to plan a date that would affect me and a lot of other people so far in advance and our date was only 7 months.  I’m not sure how people do it 2+ years in advance.  Maybe that’s the difference of living on a farm versus growing up in the city, I really don’t know.  I don’t have any experience in the latter of that statement.

I do try to pride myself on being organized though, but a planner, I make tentative plans and NEVER get myself into a bind I can’t get out of because with that also comes some give and take.  Again, I suck at making decisions.  I don’t like to decide where I’m going to eat, little lone a decision of where 5 people will eat, because what if they aren’t feeling what I’m feeling.

But anyway I digress and that’s not where I was going with this post at all.

My plans for this weekend changed so many times and there were so many variable factors that if this happens then we’ll do this but if that doesn’t happen then we’ll try it this way and then better yet neither happens and we’ll move to plan C.  Ugh!  So see, I DON’T MAKE PLANS!

So my Friday night plans changed so much.  You just have to learn to be a fly by your seat kinda gal…

Headed to town

In the end, I wound up fed and we picked up the {step}daughter after her fun with her cheerleading squad.

Saturday morning we got up and met my dad at his house.  Part of the “up in the air plans” was to attend the Buffalo Sale.  If he sold the current buffalo he had, then we were headed to the sale, if not, then well who knows.  See… try to make plans with that info!

Well he did indeed sell his current buffalo and we headed to Passaic, MO.  Every year we’ve gone to the Buffalo sale it has been cold and either rainy or snowy… Last year we drove in snow up there… this year it was just rain.  But inside the sale barn, it was warm.  Tbug and I both got a well needed, well deserved nap 🙂

 This was after my nap 🙂 Hubby’s leg was bothering him.  I was just relaxed 🙂
 Now this Bad Boy was a Beauty!

 Sale Barn

I think we have a photo similar to this from last year
Please don’t knock these photos… their from my phone!

We didn’t buy any this year… I say we loosely because I really mean my dad didn’t.  They had doubled in price since last year… last year’s average was about $400… give or take (can’t remember exactly).  This year’s average was probably $1,100.  Looks like that’s the business to be in if you’re already in it.  If not… you’re going to pay a pretty penny to get started 🙂

Then we headed home (my parents house) and then the 3 of us (husband, daughter and me) ran some errands in town.  We got home around 8 and boy were we hungry :).  We made Pioneer Woman’s Sour Cream Noodle Bake.  Oh My Gosh, if you haven’t made this, RUN, don’t walk, Even better Drive Fast to the store to get the ingredients.  SUPER good!  Tbug even helped make it but better yet, she liked it!  Woohoooo! 🙂

Sunday we went to my parents house to pick up my dad’s log splitter.

 My baby almost takes up all the room in the floor board and she’s 11 weeks old!
 Audrey moved so she blurred but I loved this photo! (taken with the iPhone… what do you expect?)

Then Tbug got to ride horses

 Waiting patiently while they loaded up the bull and hauled him to my gpas.
Tbug & Aloha

 Audrey & the bottle lamb

Later we went to my mother in law’s for lunch (she likes me, she made me Mac & cheese) and then home to work on tilling the garden.  You know how when you want to do something something always comes up… yeah the tiller kept shutting down on us.  Oh well… that’ll teach us 🙂

 We’re behind on the garden, that’s ok 🙂

 They were on the hunt for cool!
 It broke twice… oh well, we’ll get it fixed!

Then it was time to run our daughter back to her mother and head to some friends house for Sunday night dinner.  This week’s theme was Pot Luck Italian.  YUM!

My {step} daughter was full of it this weekend… here were some great sayings by her….:

You can’t ride a horse in the city or you’ll go to jail for life— I’d so love to know where she got her info!

She kept referring to Minnesota as a city, not a state.

My dad & my uncle swapped bulls and as the bull got out of the trailer she said, “That bull has a big udder.”  I told her bulls don’t have udders, only cows.   She’s like “Oh ok well his man parts then.

We have a railroad track out by my house that a train comes through a lot.  It’s extremely bumpy, I think it might actually cause a big 4×4 to bottom out (ok not but it’s really bumpy if you hit it going any speed at all) so I always stop look and creep over the tracks.  She proceeded to tell me you never have to look over that train track.  No trains go through there.  I said, um, yes they do, all the time in fact.  I told her you have to check for trains crossing at all train tracks.  (yes there are exceptions but I wasn’t going in to that)  Not more than 30 minutes after that we were at the house and heard the train whistle.

Anyway now it’s Monday and I’m using my Monday to recoup.  Call me tomorrow if you haven’t heard anything out of me 😉

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  1. Good grief girl!!! I need a nap after reading it ! I hear you on the wedding plans ,our anniversay is April 28 (strategicly planned for after calving and before the guys had to get inot the fields for discing and seeding

  2. Great post – And your hubby was wearing red and black on Friday – here in New Zealand on Fridays we have all been wearing red and black for our earthquake victims! Was cute to see it pop up in the thumbnail of the blogs I read!

  3. I know, seems like anytime we have plans.. something comes up. So I always so we'll try to come, or we'll try to do that. Etc. Because ya just never know!

  4. wow that was a very busy post haha =) sounds like all in all some good quality time together =)
    I laughed loudly at some of Tbugs quotes =)

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