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First off… I take it you’ve all noticed the name change… Yes it’s the same ole Nicole you’ve grown to love… I just thought I’d try this name out.  It’s the way my husband answers the phone to friends and family a lot of times.  He has even answered our home phone that way, although sometimes it would be better to answer INS because… we keep getting this same Hispanic lady calling and every time we tell her she has the wrong number, who she’s looking for no longer has this number, she’ll hang up and call back 5 times.  And it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is, we’ve gotten phone calls at 9am, we’ve gotten calls at 4pm, we get them at 11pm or 2am… she doesn’t care.  And it sounds like the same lady every time.

Ok anyway I digress… secondly, you notice that with the name change came a background change.  Ok 2 so far.  I’m still not digging them… I don’t know what to do… maybe I should go back to That’s Life and leave it like I had it… I don’t know :(…. Ideas, suggestions?

Thirdly, Sorry for the out of character posts I’ve had lately… I think yesterday’s really threw everyone with the name change and the random topic… I just like to spice things up sometimes 🙂

Fourthly… is that a word… apparently, blogger isn’t telling me I spelled it wrong.  It’s so dark and dreary out this morning.  Thunder, Lightning, rain, the works.  And it’s chilling off.

Fifthly, I have to confess… I’ve had 3 chocolate bars this week.  I know right… so bad!  But they were so good.  And I follow the rule of thumb… Whatever is still left in the pan, box, wrapper, whatever, is what contains all the fat & calories… so it’s all good… LOL

Sixthly, I did this yesterday playing around:

The quote says A Pony is a childhood dream, a horse is an adulthood treasure ~Rebecca Carroll

Seventhly, Ah, finally blogger doesn’t like this one… oh well I’m using it!!

Eighthly, (it doesn’t like this one either), Gas prices went up overnight… 20 cents.  The national average is 3.24/gal, ours is at 3.19/gal.  Let’s hurt an already hurting economy, sure why not.  As long as all the major oil refinery companies get their fat wallets, who cares about the rest of us.  And you can agree with me or not… but back when they got so outrageous in 2008… Hello, gas prices went down and our economy started to elevate back up… not nearly as fast as it plummeted but it immediately started to recover!

Ninthly, Where I sit at work (they ran out of offices in our dept), I sit where a secretary used to sit… my phone was set up for her, she had to answer other people’s phones.  So my phone rings for 19 people… OH MY GOSH, when half the lines are ringing… It’s flippin annoying!  I’ve learned to tune them out to the point, I don’t answer it when it’s actually my line ringing… woops!

Tenthly, So I was listening to the news update on the radio just now and they said that kids who were raised up on a farm are less likely to have allergies due to the exposure of barn yard germs!  Yey!  Go me!  I was raised on a farm… cool!

Eleventhly,   My husband believes in me.  Enough said!

Twelthly, Wow this is getting tough… haha!

Thirteenthly, What on earth could I possibly be doing with this:

Not my hand, it’s my lovely assistant’s hand… Thanks Hubby!!

To cause my nails to look like this?

Fourteenthly, My snowman tree is still up here at work… maybe I should take it down now….

Fifteenthly, I’ve been having CRAZY dreams this week!

Sunday: Getting my hair cut

Monday: I was on the Empire State building with my sister in law, nephew, mother in law and people I don’t know… We were on the antennae that sticks out of the top.  Let’s just say it didn’t end well for all of us 🙁

Tuesday: it was about painting my bedroom

Last night: was about Zumba/Ballet (I’ve done/do both), and my second was about being a teacher…… 

I can hardly wait to see what tonight has in store for me!

Sixteenthly, I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom:

My co-workers gave me this my first day on the job… it just follows me. 🙂

10 thoughts on “A List

  1. Haha – you are a nut! Yesterday when I was going through my daily reads, I saw a new post from Life's A Beach and I was like hhmm…who is this – must have been one that I added a while ago or something and they just decided to post something – didn't even clue into the http address or anything that it was NICOLE LOL

    You got me! Nice new fresh blog though – sure makes me want to be at a beach right now – here in Canada, we are preparing for a big winter storm (after spring like weather for the last two weeks) BLECH!

  2. LOL! Don't worry, you didn't shock me with your post, just with the name change and background I didn't know where I was. I saw it in my reader, and was like…..hey I don't follow this blog do I? LOL!

    We love the beach! And remember, it's your blog and we are still in a free country, at least for now anyway!

  3. I like the new look and the name is great. Just bought gas this morning… 3.69 for REGULAR! truly sickens me. And you are right, it is the cooperate people who are getting the fat wallet not me.

    This was a fun post!

  4. I love the geometry problem at the end there. That must have been some smart-alec student! LOL!!

    I had some weird dreams for a while there, too….but then they stopped. Hopefully you're still getting a restful sleep.

    So…what are you doing with your nails there? They still look a lot better than mine do. I am in a desperate need of a mani/pedi. It's terrible!! LOL

  5. I want to go to the beach… *sigh* I have blog design issues too. I change mine way to much, but I get bored with it so quickly!

  6. HAH! I love random blog posts where just kinda spit out whatever's on your mind. They're my fave. Those & step-by-step recipes/DIY stuff.

    Your hubby's funny with the phone too. My parent's phone number is 1 digit off from a local Catholic school's number. You can imagine all the phone calls they get – esp. at 5-6am when it's snowing.

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