A Stockbrokers Dream

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A cowboy’s life is what he dreams
his job not quite as great as it seems,
The day begins with the financial news
some days it leaves him with the blues,
Long before dawn the alarm clock rages
awakening him to the financial pages,
The Wall Street Journal and The Morning News
all have to be read while the coffee brews,
Then like a flash to the office he races
talking on the phone round his desk he paces,
Faxes, computers, and sky pagers
are an evil must with the money he wagers,
Business Analysts, Bankers and Economic forecasters
lead the list of people and things he masters,
The stress builds up as the day goes past
and has him musing to himself how long can this last?
At long last comes the 5 o’clock bell
to take him out into “rush hour” hell,
Takes the back way home to catch the business reports
can’t even take time to watch the kids play sports,
Finally it’s late all the news has been watched
all his trades went well with nothing botched,
Then its off to bed and finally some rest
he’s proved once again why he’s the best,
Now here it comes the recurring dream
of the cowboy’s life rising to the top like cream.

Copyright Nicole (www.midwesternatheart.com) 2011 🙂

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