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2010 has many many many different turns of events… some that were very welcomed and some that you just kinda wished never happened, but they did so you learn from it and move on.  CA Girl among others were doing a 2010 in review for the entire month, however I kept forgetting about it until now… so I plan to do my year in review in one post.  I’ll try not to drag it out too much 🙂 (please don’t start snoring yet!!!!)

January started out rather interesting with Tbug’s birthday 2 days in to January, yes, they didn’t plan that so well.  I tried to tell her we’d celebrate her birthday in June or July so she could have presents year round as opposed to getting them all at once, she still hasn’t bought on to that idea yet… I just feel so bad that she celebrates Christmas then 8 days later she celebrates her birthday and so much for presents for the next year….  “just cause” presents or vacation presents aren’t the same!  Oh well, it is what it is and I guess I’ll continue to be happy my birthday is in July… LOL!!!  It works for me! (I actually have a friend who celebrates her birthday at Halloween b/c her birthday is Christmas Day)

Then my now father in law (then just PC’s dad) introduced us to a nurse while in the hospital as being PC’s fiance… We weren’t engaged yet….

Now if you know me, I always said I NEVER wanted to be proposed to for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, any major holiday/occasion b/c well sometimes that’s expected (and if that’s how yours happened, kudos, I’m not trying to rain on your parade, that was just my opinion, I wanted a random Tuesday)… So I got proposed to on National Safety Pup Day (Feb 12).  I got to spend that weekend in Branson watching my soon to be {step}daughter in a Cheer Competition.

And who can forget that the 1st Day of spring, it… Snowed?!?!?!  Seriously….  And I FINALLY got my Pioneer Woman Cookbook… ah, now that was the day 😉

And also in March I finally got my 10-hr OSHA certification.  That was actually exciting, especially having such little experience in the field (even though my dad is an Environmental and Safety Engineer) I scored way higher on the test than some of those guys who’ve been in the field for 10+ years.

April brought the excitement of wedding planning.  I’d promised my {soon to be} daughter to take her flower girl dress shopping and that’s exactly what we did.  Then the fun of Engagement photos!!! (Awww, I miss my long hair!!)  And everyone knows when you buy a house, you need a dog to protect you, however he was sadly stolen later in the summer.  That’s how Audrey came into our lives.

Then we wrote our stories for you guys to hear read (His & Hers).  That lead me to write our story (all 30 parts).  Then I played with photo shop and caused a lot of people here at work to look at my {now} husbands rear end….

And we got to compare him and me at the same age and the path of life we chose to take.  I’ll never forget Tbug asking me if I ever had any kids while I was in school and my response was no, I graduated high school and college without having kids, in fact I’ve never had kids.  She then proceeded to tell me that yes I have, I had her.

Then came the grueling task of small remodeling jobs on the house… All before the 4th of July party with PC’s family.

And of course Doti got married!!!!  Plus I got to see the stop light I caused PC to stop at while we were dating when I yelled red light… now here’s the humor there, I was on the phone with him while he was driving back to Kentucky….

Plus in June, we learned why there will always be lawyers (aka people are friggin stupid!)  The only person who benefits when a lawyer is involved is the lawyer (and I really don’t mean anything against all my lawyer followers, but sometimes facts are facts, but if you guys weren’t around, there might be mass Chaos… b/c in general people are dumb…)… People think they are entitled to things, well they just really aren’t entitled too b/c they truthfully didn’t work for it!

And of course I had to tell you that I love my husband or I guess at the time fiance!!!  Plus we saw some really nice HOT HOT HOT temperatures this last summer!  But I hate cold weather so I don’t complain when it’s hot.

And I finally cleaned out my purse!  But one of my favorite posts was when I shared with you the 4 minute video that was played at our wedding.  I later found out that while the song was playing, my husband was at the front of the church singing to me.  That brings us to September when I married the man of my dreams!  I never was nervous when he asked me to marry him (more just caught off guard) and I wasn’t nervous the day I walked down the aisle to say yes and walk away as the Mrs.

I also created my 101 in 1001 list this year… It’s exciting, lemme tell ya!  I’ve had to make a few modifications to the original list because, well, I had duplicates accidentally… but I’m getting all the kinks worked out.  The tab is the most accurate!

In October we celebrated my dad’s birthday followed by November celebrating my husband birthday and to round out the birthday season, my mom came in December to celebrate hers!

One heart ache that happened this year was we lost my grandfather.  I am now down to 1 grandparent, my dad’s mother.

And now we are rounding out this year with a special birthday to celebrate for all, Christmas is all around!  Thank you God for sending your only son to die on the cross for our sins!

Here’s to 2011!!!

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