Have you Thanked your Veteran Today?

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It is Veteran’s Day, Have you Thanked your Veteran today?

Served in the Navy in WWII

Served in the Army, Tour in Afghanistan

Served in the Army in WWII

Brother’s in Afghanistan

Served as an Army Ranger
Served as an Army Ranger
Active Duty – Army, currently in Afghanistan

Even if you oppose the War, remember your veterans, they are the ones who defend your right to protest!


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0 thoughts on “Have you Thanked your Veteran Today?

  1. I have a family of military men too! I've thanked them all today and have tried to remember to thank all the veterans I work with.

    Be sure to pass along my love to all your family who have served! 😀

  2. I wrote to a hometown boy who was born in the States and therefore was drafted to Viet Nam. His letters back came on sheet of toilet paper or the backs of the silver paper in cigarette packages, comments like: “It rained here today.” At least he got to come home, so many didn't. I didn't realize until much later what he had been through. I think they don't talk about it to protect us from the horror of it all.

    I certainly appreciate all the sacrifices made on my behalf and on behalf of others who need help.

  3. I hug my veteran everyday. Twenty years and 9 months in the United States Coast Guard. I am thankful for each and every man and women who serve or have served in the armed forces.

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